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Federal Point Families

The Atkinson Place (John V.)

John V. Atkinson

 The distinguishing feature in the career of John

V. Atkinson is the perseverance which he evidenced

in attaining his ends, and as a result thereof lie is

today the owner of a productive farm near Federal

Point, Florida, known as Wildwood, and situated on

tlie St. Johns river,   He was born in Chester County,

South Carolina, September 2, 1874, and tlierc re-

mained witli his parents until 1893, growing to man-

hood under the parental roof and receiving his educa-

tion in tlie schools of tlie vicinity.   At the age of

about twenty years lie came to  Florida, making

settlement near Federal Point, and there found em-

ployment as a farm hand, remaining in that occupa-

tion for about six years.  Persevering, energetic and

industrious, He accumulated his earnings and only

two years after his arrival was enabled to buy an

orange grove comprised of five acres.  His invest-

ment, however, turned out unfortunate, for his trees

were killed during the destructive frost of 1895"

Not daunted by misfortune, he niade a new start and

gave some of his attention to his land, which he again

had planted in orange trees, but his second grove was

also destroyed in  1898.   He has since become the

owner of forty acres of valuable land on the road

between Hastings and Federal Point and there he

resides, devoting his acres largely to the cultivation of

Irish potatoes, which, are followed in rotation by corn

and hay, His farm yielding him three crops annually.

Besides this place he still owns the five acres which he

had previously purchased.  The home place has been

brought well under cultivation and he has instituted

thereon a number of improvements and installed such

equipment as is considered indispensable by the mod-

ern, progressive farmer.  His land is situated on tlie

St. Johns River and is known under tlie name of the

Wildwood Farm. Industry and energy have brought

to him substantial success and, while Mr. Atkinson

has attained to individual prosperity, he has been a

valuable factor in the general advancement and devel-

opment, having contributed not only to the agricul-

tural  resources  of  the state by developing a bare

stretch of land into a productive farm, but his labors

have been of constructive value in trying out and in-

troducing new methods which have been of value to

agriculture in general.

   On January 19, 1895, Mr. Atkinson was united in

marriage to Miss Rebecca R. Taylor, a native of

Florida, where she was born in Putnam county in

1870, and a daughter of Ephraim Taylor.  Mr. and

Mrs. Atkinson are tlie parents of five daughters:

Ethel, Irene, Maude, Grace and Ula.  Both Mr. and

Mrs. Atkinson are well and favorably known in this

locality, where they are highly esteemed as people of

high character, having made many lasting friends

since coming to Federal Point.

Florida-1513-1913-Past, Present and Future


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