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Federal Point Families

The Brubaker Place

The Brubaker Family In Detail

Leslie David and Helen Mar Brubaker


The Brubakers-1926

Back Row: Carl Brubaker, Helen Mar Boynton Brubaker, Leslie David Brubaker, Ona Brubaker Pellicer, Emil Scott Brubaker
Front Row: Irma Brubaker, Carman C. Brubaker, Pearl Brubaker Ward, Quentin Brubaker

Helen Mar Boynton/ Leslie David Brubaker Family



Leslie David and Helen Marr (Boynton) Brubaker Family
May 1926  Federal Point (Putnam) FL
Row 1:    Louise, Doris, Bernice, Leslie, Haroid Ward, Juanita Ward. Eva., Theo
Row 2:    Sarah Lopez Brubaker, Cora Triay Brubaker hoiding Ila Mae, Grandpa Leslie holding Freda Ward and Charlotte. Grandma Helen holding Roy Van, Irma Brubaker, Nellie May Cook Brubaker
Row 3:    Lawrence Brubaker, Donald Brubaker, Paul Brubaker, Marie Dowart Brubaker, Quentin Brubaker, Carl Brubaker, Carman Brubaker holding Claude, Emil Brubaker holding Elton, Pearl Ward, Harry Peillicer, Ona Pellicer,
Leslie David Brubaker  b  2 Jul  1858 Stevenson Twp. (Marion) IL       d 27 Nov 1940 Federal Point FL
(s/o Noah)             m 11 Nov 1880 (Marion) IL
Heien Mar Boynton      b 5 May 1860 (Marion) ii.                       d 17 Oct 1939 Federal Point FL
(d/o William Boynton)
 Ch & Gch;  (Oren Dec 1922)/Sarah        Louise, Leslie, Eva, Roy Van
            (Eva/ Frank Sheahan lived in IL and not present for picture)
            Carl/ Annie                          Theo, Bernice. Doris
            Ona/ Harry Pellicer
            Emil/ Nellie May                Charlotte, Eiton
            Carman/ Cora               Claude, Ila Mae
            Pearl/ Gus Ward                 Juanita. Harold, Freda
            Quentin/ Marie
Note: Lawrence, Donaid and Paul. sons of Andrew Brubaker, were visiting from IL

War Veterans
Revolutionary War: 
1.  John Hite b 1718 in NY; died 1792 in VA
2.  Andrew Hite  b 1758 VA; died 1819 OH
3.  Salathiel Goff  b MD; d VA
4.  Lewis Bibler
5.  Twombly    (Mother Johns' DAR ancestor.)
6.  Asa Boynton  b 1760 MA; d 1837 OH
Civil War:
1.  Absalom Cook    b      Darlington Co., SC;  d 1898? Sumter (now Lake), FL / South
2.  Thomas  Cook (brother of above)
3.  John Peter Sauber  b Oct 1, 1858 Germany; d March 5, 1900 Rockford, IL (Grandfather of Del         Johns,  Father of Ada Sauber) / Union
World War I:
1.  Emil Brubaker  b 1895 Putnam Co., FL; d Oct. 8, 1975 St. Johns Co., FL 
2.  Frank Adelbert Johns   b Dec 27, 1892 Winnebego Co.IL; d Dec 1989 St. Johns Co.FL
World War II:
1. Frank Carleton Johns  b 1922 IRockford, IL;  d 1995 FL          (Navy / fighter pilor)
2.  Elton Brubaker  b Sep 14, 1925 FL; d Aug 13, 1944  (Navy)  Submarine "Fl;ier"
Between wars:
Helen Johns  b Sep 30, 1949  (Air Force)

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