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Federal Point Families

The Evans Family

from the files of Sterling Hart
The Evans Family

Don't know what knowledge you have of the Evans.  The seated woman was called Grandma Evans by my mother.  This is the family my grandmother lived with after she left her father's home in Welaka.  The others on the front row were Mrs. Evans children.  Left to right Julia, son?, Mrs. Evans, M. Hussan ? and Mary Elisabeth Evans-Hussan.  Not sure of the spelling.
Sterling Hart

The following is a copy of a letter concerning the above photo and the Evan's family. It was written by Dave Walton on 11/28/07. He is the grandson of Virginia Evans.   JB
I spent time with grandmother for Thanksgiving, and she gave me a great
deal of information about that group photo.  It was taken the summer
after she graduated from high school (1937), when her family and Edward
Evans were visiting from Detroit, at MEME's home at 84 Water Street, in
St. Augustine, bought for her by Edward.  She moved there sometime after
her husband, Thomas Davis Evans, died in Federal Point in 1910.

The back row, from left to right:
 1)  Bertrice Evans - wife of 16
 2)  Virginia Evans - daughter of 1 and 16
 3)  Edward Athey - son of 15
 4)  Vesta Evans - wife of 5
 5)  Bert Evans - son of 6
 6)  Flora Evans - daughter in law of MEME
 7)  Floried Evans - daughter of 6
 8)  John Athey - son of 15
 9)  Margaret Husson - daughter of 14 and 19
10)  Will Brockenbrough - Son of sister of MEME
11)  Murrell Brockenbrough - daughter of 10 and 12
12)  Virginia Brockenbrough - wife of 10
13)  Mary Elizabeth Husson - daughter of 14 and 19
14)  Moragne Husson - husband of 19

The front row, from left to right:
15)  Julia Ann Evans Athey - daughter of MEME
16)  James Moore Evans - son of MEME
17)  Mary Elizabeth Murrell Evans - "MEME"  2/1857 - 11/1953
18)  Edward Steptoe Evans - son of MEME
19)  Mary Elizabeth Evans Husson - daughter of MEME

Only 2, 3, 11 are still alive.
2 (my grandmother) and 3 live in CA.  11 lives in FL.
15, 16, 18, 19 are MEME's children.  (Possibly her only living children
in 1937?)
As I understand, MEME's son Joseph died a teen, so 6 is probably the
wife of MEME's other child not in this photo, George, about whom I know
nothing at all.


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