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Cocifacio Grant

Cocifacio Grant

Complete copy of Cocifacio Land Grant


                       The Governor of St. Auguitine to the Captain General of Cuba.


MOST EXCELLENT SIR:                                ST. AUGUBTINE, FLORIDA, June 4, 1813.

        The first of this month I discharged from the military service in which they were employed the threa com-

panies of white militia of this city, not only for want of provisions here, but for the urgent necessity there wag that

the inhabitants should be allowed to turn once more their attention to the care of their respective families and occu-

pations, with the object of making as light as possible the injuries suffered by them in the insurrection of the


    With (hit motive I cannot but recommend to your excellency the fidelity manifested by the militia and third

battalion of Cuba in the performance of their duty, from the first moment in which the rebellion broke out, and for

which I consider them worthy the gifts to which the supreme Government may think them entitled, taking the

liberty of recommending the granting of some, which may be as follows: to each officer, who haa been in actual

service in said militia, a royal commission for each grade he may obtain as provincial; and to the soldiery, a

certain quantity of land as established by regulation in this province, agreeably to the number of persons com-

posing each family; and which gift can also be made to the married officers and soldiers of the said third battalion

of Cuba.

    Men in general require to be excited by some stimulus, and it is not easy to find any who are indifferent to

public approbation of thsir services.  What I propose, without giving them in reality any thing, will be the means

of contenting them, and produce henceforward the best effects; it being understood that this gift will be for those

who occupy themselves in tha defence. And for this end, and in case that these, my ideas, merit the approbation

of your excellency, I enclose, as regards the officers of both corps, lists of those who ought, in that case, to be com-

prehended.  God preserve your excellency many years.

    His Excellency Don JUAN Ruiz ne APODACA.

    The Governor of the city of St. Augustine, East Florida, gives notice of his having discharged from the military

service the companies of white militia of said city, and recommends their merits, as well as this third battalion of

Cuba, which (hey obtained on account of the insurrection of this province.

                                                           ST. AUOUSTINE, EAST FLORIDA, January 9, 1824.

    I, Francis J. Fatio, secretary of the Board of Land Commissioners for the district of East Florida, do certify

that the foregoing is a true and correct translation from a document in the Spanish language.

                                                                                              F. J. FATIO.


                                                                          CITY or ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA.

 List of the officers of militia companies of said city, and thoit of the third battalion of Cuba, who have been

                                        constantly employed in its defence.


    CaptainsDon Bernardo Segui, Don Pedro Cocifacio, Don George Fleming.

    LieutenantsDon Juan O'Reilly, Don Juan Clark.

    EnsignsDon Joaquim Sanchez, Don Geronimo Alvarez.

                                         THIRD BATTALION OF CUBA.

    CaptainsDon Manuel de Castella, Don Gil Vacot, Don Francisco Ribera, (brevet.)

    LieutenantsDon Ramon Castillo, Don Miguel Fuentecilla, Don Justo Lopez.

    EnsignsDon Christoval Bravo, Don Bias Crespo, Don Lorenzo Boniguet, Don Manuel Palomino.

    NOTE.The commandant of the battalion of Cuba, Don Juan Jose da Eatrada; the captain and lieutenant of

 the corps of national artillery, Don Ignacio Salens and Don Manuel Paulin; and the ensign of dragoons of Ame-

 rica, Don Juan Percheman, have been equally occupied in the defence of this city; the said Don Juan Jose de

 Estrada having had the provisional command of the same at the beginning of the insurrection, and who, equally

with the other officers in the above list, have, with the greatest exactitude, zeal, and vigilance, complied with their

 respective duties.

    ST. ADGUSTINE, FLORIDA, June 4, 1813.

                                                           ST. ACOCBTINE, EAST FLORIDA, January 9, 1824.

    I, Francis J. Fatio, secretary of the Board of Land Commissioners for the district of East Florida, do certify

 tht the foregoing is a true and correct translation from a document in the Spanish language.

                                                                                              F. J. FATIO.