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Federal Point Families

St. Augustine One Liners. "A Trip to the Past"

Dick Watson and numerous others have come up with an ever growing list of "one liners" that are sure to jog the memory of your youth  in St. Augustine.
NOTE: Let's try to keep these one liners in the era of the 40's and the 50's. If you want to add to them contact me at  Thanks. Bob

Here are the latest one liners. These are from David Redman, who lived in St. Aug. from 1954 to 1981.

Old wooden Shands Bridge over the St. Johns River going to Green Cove Springs
 Post Office in the Old Government Building on St. George St. between Cathedral and King St.
Ground Observer Corp (we used the northeast tower on the Bridge of Lions as our observation point.           

Civil Air Patrol  (Stuart Craig was instrumental in establishing a St. Augustine unit)

WSTN (4th or 5th floor old Atlantic Bank Bldg in the 50s then to the Island in the early 60s)
Kings Music Store on St. George St.
Tire re-cap store on Orange St. near City Gates
Florida Theater on King St.
Limey (sp) Hollingsworth and Harley Shop US 1 North
Caravan Motel  (worked there for Eddie Mussallem in the late 50s)
Marineland Pier (was in St. Johns County)
Neptune Restaurant (Cathedral and King I think)
Brasilian Air Force (1957-58)  Fairchild modified B-26s for them
Fairchild Speed Control Division (Riberia Street)
Terrible band uniforms Ketterlinus High School - 50s.   Cape and hats with plumes.
Band practicing marching drills on grounds of Castillo de San Marco
Joe Sanchez service station
Marty's Restaurant
Teen Town at current Visitor Center building
Marineland bus transporting employees to and from Marineland
 Pappy's Restaurant where tea glasses were huge.
When Dixie Highway (Masters Drive) was US 1
Dick Watson as a young attorney (ha ha)
Fred Schilling/Pat Bernard/Frankie Walker ---- WFOY
  American Eagle shrimp boat running around at St. Augustine Beach north of pier
Fresh water pipe to rinse off after ocean swimming.  North of St. augustine Pier.  Pipe furnished water to the Alligator Farm when it was at the beach area (1895ish)

Mystery House - across from Alligator Farm

Dune buggies on the beach

Area call Rabbit Hill (kinda Ponce de Leon Heights area)

Old airport off Rt. 16.  Property owned by Mizell.

Tastee Freez  = corner of  16 & Ponce Blvd

Wasson’s Drug Store on San Marco Ave (north)

Flagler Hotel/Marineland as Coast Guard facilities WWII

“Dub” Clark’s Appliance Store on St. George St.

Filming of  “Revenge of the Creature from the Black Lagoon”

Hi Bob,

I just discovered one liners on the internet and it was a super
nostalgia trip.  I'm a native "Minorcan," currently living in NC.

Here's a few I remember that I didn't see on the list:

Superior Dairies, San Marco (near Fullerwood School)
Davenport Park, San Marco
Ross Food Market, San Marco (across from Davenport Park)
Harris's Drug Store, San Marco (later Wasson's)
Butterkrust Bakery, San Marco
Zoric Dry Cleaners, San Marco
Everlite Neon, San Marco
Adam's Ironworks, Mill Creek Road
Model T Store, St George St
Dixie's Bar, San Marco
Bertha Williams, swimming instructor
Gonzales Capalia, street sweeper, (was a common sight in town, and my Grandpa)

I'll no doubt think of many more after I hit "send."
Great site, luv it.
Donald H Sullivan

Segui's Drive In (Corner of Cordova and Orange)
Dr. Smith's school dentist office (Right accross Orange St.)
McCartney's Drug Store Lunch Counter (Corner St. George and King Streets) 
Mulligans Fruit Center

Chimes Grill on corner of Cathedral and St. George Streets

City Gates Restaurant owned by Swayne Grissoms Dad-- Bob Harris

How about the filming of "Distant Drums" with Gary Cooper (who came to Teen Town one Saturday night) and Mari Alden and Chill Wills. "Pat Johnson KHS 51"

NOTE: I just ordered a copy of "Distant Drums" It cost $5.80 from Amazon. com. That will bring back some memories. Bob Brown.


NOTE: I usually dont add entire stories into one-liners but this tells a lot, so here goes. Bob Brown


My wife, Mitzi Zeiler , had a side kick when she lived in North City during her grade school years . His name was Robert Brown. After the third grade her family moved out to nine mile on US1 North and she lost track of Robert. Seems like I remember a Robert Brown in H.S. I think his Dad worked for the F.E.C.R.R and his mother or step mother was known as Golden Brown if I'm not mistaken.  Seems like Robert's father had a fish smoker in his yard. Gosh, what the rush of years can do to your mind.


Moving on to a trip to the past, might I add the large Bar-B-Ques out at the H.E. Wolfe Ranch. L.C. Ringhaver used to have a Bar-B-Que shrimp feast when he would build his 500th shrimp boat, 600th and so on. His son Lance is still going strong in our area but not building shrimp boats. His dad built so many shrimp boats, he was the largest Caterpillar Diesel Engine customer in the State of Florida so he became their Florida distributor.

Lance runs Ring Power now which sells and rents heavy equipment. He is building their corporate headquarters out by the World Golf Village.


H. L. (Slim)  McDaniel had a tire dealership on San Marco Avenue near the city gates. I heard that he would hose down the pavement and race down San Marco toward the City Gates, onto the wet pavement, and slam on his brakes to demonstrate the gripping power of the tires he sold. When the old new jail was built north of town about 30 or 40 years ago, the old, old, jail across from Bozard Ford Company near the Fountain of Youth, was to be torn down. The County advertised for bids to see who would remove the old jail for the lowest cost. Slim offered to buy it and the land. The county sold it to him and he turned it into the old jail museum.

Mel Upp


More by M & M Upp
Moeller's Bakery San Marco Avenue
Singer's Gift Shop St. George Street
Battlehouse Restaurant Treasure Street
MacKay's Bowling Alley St. Augustine Beach
Spicer Sign Company San Marco Avenue
Old well and chimney Old Beach Road
Bob William's news stand and Tobacco Shop St. George Street
William's 5 and dime St. George Street. Julian Fant's father in law was owner.
Matt Howell Motors North City
Hutson Bicycle Shop St. George Street
Parks Hotel St. George Street
Morgan's Grocery Cordova Street
Bob's Bar-B-Q-St. Augustine Beach

Kanaris Drive In Movie in North City

Alyces Drive Inn- Owned by Gene and Alyce Ledford
Sam Baker Company
Old City Petroleum

Olympic Pool at the YMCA

St Augustine Swim Team coached by Mrs. Hahn

A & W Rootbeer Stand  (Davis Shores)

Norman's Windmill Resturant? Ponce's Windmill Tavern? at foot of Lion's Bridge

Porpoise Point

Air Raid Wardens during WWII

Airplane and submarine spotters at the beaches

The Pig Drive In

Spiezeggers "Spikes" store, corner Orange and Cordova (Old Drug Store)

Florida Naval Academy

Moellers Jewerly store

Judge Charles Mathis

Red Cox

Coach Walt Slater

Coach Toncoff

Williams 5 & 10 Store on St George St. "The Little Dime Store"

Chase Sundries

Butterfield's garage

Gardner'Chevrolet Dealership

Quality Grocery Store( owned by Jaffe and Wexler)(That is Max Jaffee, Larry's father, who is still living..must be close to 100..Larry became a CPA and lives in Jacksonville)

Russell' Barbecue

Power's TV and repair shop

The Exchange Bank

The St. Augustine National Bank

Snyder's Grocery Store

The Alhambra

The Burns Building

The St. Francis Apartments

Bill Snowden's Barber shop

McDonald's Drug Store

The Neptune Grill

Shorty's Cafe

The Westside Bar

The St. Augustine Beach Hotel

The Matanzas Theater

The Jefferson Theater

Kixie's Men's Store...on Cathedral then on St. George

Glicks Bar(owned By Gerald Glickstein's Father...Gerald lives in Jacksonville)

Helms Barber Shop

Wild Bill McClendon's Barbershop

Dr. Smith, the school dentist

Coach Bill Ferrazzi

Zoric Laundry

Pappy's Restautant

Courtersy(forgot how to spell it) Drug Store(Dr, Bullard)

McCartney's Drug Store

The Little Dime Store

The Pig Drive In

The Blue Heron Grill

Surfside Casino

The Mystery House

Wilson's Drug Store on the west side..can't recall if that was the name...but owned by the Wilson's

Burn's Hardware

Wasson Drug Storn

Huddle House

Chief Virgil Stuart

Sheriff L O Davis

Constable Noah Carter

Sheriff Jurant Shepherd

City Commissioner Harry Gutterman

Mayor Clyatt Powell

Mayor and Dr. Shelley

Chief of Police James Lindsey

Dr. Herbert White

Dr. Harris

Dr. Plante(still living in St. mid 70s)

Dr. Rankin

Dr. Devito

Dr. Norris

Dr. Britt

Dr. Lockwood

Dr. Langston(still living)

Dr. Charles Grace

Dr. Mosley(Jimmie's father..had office above the St. Augustine National Bank)

Bank President Frank Harold

X L Pellicer

Toney Meitin(not sure of the spelling)

Zanzibar Bar..corner of May and San Marco (Owned by Red Bethea)

Reedy Liquor Store

Joe's Standard Station at the east end of the Bridge of Lions

The Chrysler Dealership at the corner of Alfred and San Marco and then at the corner of Nelmar and San Marco

Hymee's(?) Junk Yard on West King

Senator Verle Pope

Representative Gus Craig(still living and active in his funeral business)

Jerry Kass's Grocery store on the Island known as Jerry"s

Blalock's Food Center...located where Butterfield Garage was located on King Street and later on the Island)

Helmly Firestone on the island

Pap's Drive In on the island(where there is now a building with several stores)

Mr. Milton Curry(died several years ago in Volusia...was employed there after he left St. Augustine)

Doug Hartley(spent his last years in what used to be (Gilmore Nursing Home on San Marco)

Cordova Hadware

Grissom's Restaurant across from Paps

John Crookshank, the former superintendent of schools......

Ms. Ellender Alden

Mr. Bill Edminston, once the executive secretary of the YMC and teacher at KHS

Ms. Melanie Nesbitt(we caught her smoking a cigar at home when we stopped by for a little extra tutoring)

Ms. Hogan

Ms. Susan frequently about Dr. Kokomo(?) who wrote the book we used

Ms. Francis Kalv.....How now brown cow grazing in the green green grass...

Ms. Christian Bonfield(lived in St. Augustine until her death....used to get a note from here from time to time)

Hester Means

Ms. Mildred Funk(taught history)

Ms. Mary Rike

Ms. Alamo Clay(Librarian at KHS....but in jr high taught literature

Mr. Charles Wrede...taught social studies.....believe his wife was a secretary at KHS.

Coach Walt Slater....still living in St. Augustine........talked with him not too long ago....

Coach John Toncoff(still high 80's or low 90's)

Coach Tom Asbury( don't know whether Coach Ausbury is still living......)

Coach Eddie Markel

Coach Bobby Goodwin(died very young)..his widow, Jessie Mae who was employed as a secretary at KHS has remarried and still lives in St. Augustine)

Ms. Davis

Ms. Two gun Williams( 7th or 8th grad)

Ms. Eddins(Fullerwood and Jr. high)

Ms. Palethrope(Fullwood)(her husband was the property appraiser)

Ms. Bangs(Fullerwood)

Ms. Oneil......she taught 5th or 6th grade at Fullerwood

and there was a Ms. Oneil in jr high.....

Ms. Hubbard(Fullerwood)

Ms. Florece(Fullerwood)

Ms. Buck(Fullerwood)

Mr. King the bandmaster at KHS

Hotel Monson

Hotel Bennett.....both on the bayfront

St. Augustine Men's Store(owned by Harry Rice...Fred's dad)

Castle Warden

Mulligan's Fruit Town

Brandon's Camera Shop;

Beaudoin's Studio

Amavon Shop

Florida East Coast Hospital

Tucker's Studios

Wexler's Market

Mark's Service Station

North City Stone Works

Rahner Studios

Drake's Women's Apparel(read in the last year or so where Bob Drake died)

Steve's Ocean Pier Lunch

Ronnie's Service Station

H. W. Davis

PJ Manucy's Fish Camp

Crawford Hotel

Jack Purcell, administrator of old Flagler, then president of Security Federal Savings and Loan, origianl office a store front on Cathedral......then on Cordova....later merged with First Federal out of Daytona and later taken over by another longer has a presence in St. Augutine....but was the first and only savings and loan for many years)

House Parties at Cresent Beach

Beach Parties on Vilano Beach...

Club meetings at the YMCA

Dances at the YMCA

City Bakery

Service Pane and Glass Co.

Western Auto on St. George

St. George Pharmacy

The Pilgrim Shoe Store

Morrison's Hardware(still open for business)

The Junior Shop

Buckingham Hotel

Hough Home Equipment

The birth of the Town of St. Augustine Beach(with Joe McClure once the mayor and the "judge")

Kentucky Jim's

Ponce's Dutch Tavern

Tom and Gene's Dairy Bar

Sterchi Moving & Storage

Walt's Motorcycle and scooters on West King

Hollingsworth Harley

Sterchi Motel where the post office is now located

Dr. Walkup

Jim Dart's Ships Bar

Ms Davis married E. J. McCallum, vice pres Cordova Hardware

Dixie Bar


Drako's Shoe Repair

Boston Shoe Shop

Ritzi's Donut Shop

Casper's Alligator Farm

Manufacture's Outlet

Battlehouse Restaurant on Treasury Street (Spelling?)

Model Land Company (Old City Building and Firehouse)

Coca Cola Bottling on San Marco

Superior Dairies on San Marco

Ponce's Dutch Tavern

Neil Pope's Garage on Charlotte St.

Usina's Hardware

Hutson's Bicycle Shop

Park's Hotel St. George Street

George's Marine Shop ( at east end of SR207)

Diesel Engine Sales (Ringhaver's Shrimp Boat Yard)

Nix Boat Yard

Bailey Dunbrik Concrete

Starbuck"s Sawmill across from Schooner's Restaurant

Miller Shops (FEC RR)

Elks Club on the Bayfront

Corbett's Fishhouse on Bayfront

Morgan"s Grocery on Cordova Street

few Rogero Automotive

Wilbur's Garage (San Marco)

Dave's Diner (US One South - had a large rainbow painted across the front of his building)

Rector's Cafe

Weinstine's (SP) Grocery (Cor St. George and Hypolita)

Bond-Howell Lumber (So Riberia)

Junior House

Pappy Shilling

Gene Johnson's at Summer Haven

KHS Mullets

KHS Yellow Jackets.

St. Joe Flashes

All night poker parties at Bob Brown's house. (Jimmy Lee always won)

All night poker parties at Phillup Brown's chicken ranch. (Jimmy Lee always won)

Doreta Hotel on Orange St

Smith's Sundries at San Marco and Cinncinatta

The Stationary store behind Cordova Hardware where we bought our "Venus Pencils and Onion Skin Paper" for Miss Clay's art projects.

R. W. Day Plymouth Dealer on San Marco

Roy's Drive In

Steve's Drive In San Marco and SR 16l

Piggly Wiggly on St. George St

Le Roys on St. George St.

Long's Barber Shop on St Geoge St.

Rogero's Liquors

Artillary Lane Playhouse (Theater)

St. Augustine Saints baseball team

A & P on St. George St.

Red Bethea's Liquor Store on Granada

Parish Feed Store on Granada

Thompson & Ryman on Cathedral Pl.

Moeller's Jewelry

Leonardi's Jewely

Ozzie's Bakery

Rice's Mens Clothes on St. George St.

Dr. Farrin dentist

Dr. Newell dentist

Zoric Dry Cleaners and Laundry San Marco Had home delivery and pick up

Mc Carter's Dairy had home delivery

NuGrape Bottleing Co. ( Orange Crush too) off Hypolita St. next to

city water tower next to St. George St.

Teen Town on Saturday nights at old Civic Center

Black Point

City Building with Police dept. and Fire dept. and all city offices.

YMCA gym with leaky roof and basket ball games.

Football games at Francis Field with locker room in Orange Street School


Camp outs in "The Guanos"

Banta Brothers Pontiac Dealer on San Marco

Old City Cadillac Oldsmobile Dealer on San Marco

Anton's Signs

Stacks of canon balls in the Plaza. Every once in a while one would mysteriously be rolled down the Lion's Bridge.

Watching Fire Department put out  mysterious fires in Palm Trees on Bay Front from Davis Shores

"Oochie" Mays trip to visit farmers daughter.

Dr. Elkins and the view from his office,sulphur pool in the N city park,indoor pool-chlorine at the ymca pool,$.20 pound shrimp at the dock,salt run hay rides,Thompson Ryman Realty,duck tails,

The old school bus garage where Gypsy Cab Restaurant is now located. Bob Greggs had a used furniture and general junk store located in the old building back in 1949. The old building was frame studs covered with chicken wire coated with stucco similar to many boom time buildings of the 20s.

Patio Hotel ? on St. Augustine Beach. At one time had a glass roof on the entirely surrounded central patio for guests to sun bathe in the winter. I don't know how many times hail storms broke out the roof.

Sunshine Gardens, a gladiola farm just before you came to Horton's Grocery Store and gas pumps on the corner of SR16 at Pacetti Rd. Remember your Velda Dairy Property just down the road from there. Silo Road? There is a sod farm located on the Sunshine Gardens property and before that it was owned by Sunshine Biscuits, Inc. which was owned by Schuler that built Drew Ranch on SR206 west of I-95. The Sunshine Gardens property was used by Schuler to grow potatoes. I wondered why such a person would be bothered with that type of agriculture with Hastings as a competitor. His manager answered that question one day during our conversation.

These were grown for seed potatoes which he sent north for his other farms. Mrs. Schuler would come to St. Augustine for the winter and stayed at The Ponce de Leon Motor Lodge. When she arrived, she came by the store and bought many household items to be delivered to her suite of rooms at the lodge. I asked her why she didn't stay at Drew Ranch. She said that was number eight of similar mansions and they were like living in a hospital. She did not stay in them.

Kirkside on Valencia Street.

Malaga Hotel across from the Old RR Station. It fell out onto Malaga Street when they were working on it.

What was the name of the hotel across the street from the Ancient City Baptist Church ? Barcelonia Hotel? Tom Wiles , Herb's Uncle, had a restaurant in the old building. The Jaycees used to have their monthly dinner meeting there. It was good. Judson West would eat about two fried chickens and was skinny as a rail.

The old Orange Grove where the Murphey's had their horse stables.

Sterchie's gift shop at Matanzas Inlet. Was washed away by beach erosion. A retired illustrator for Saturday Evening Post had a service station across the street (A1A) on the curve. He would cast out his surf rigs and put his surf rod in a rod holder with a bell on it. When he heard the bell ringing, he would run down to the beach and reel in his red bass. Why don't we live like that now?

State Representative and owner of St. Augustine Alligator Farm - F. Charles Usina


 Shrimpburgers at Pape's Drive In


 Buying fresh shrimp and fish at Salvador's Seafood Market on West King Street


 Getting dreaded inoculations at the old East Coast Hospital


 Charlesdales's Gift Shop (in the 50's) between the Amavon Shop and Altoonjians


 Processions in white dresses and veils on May 1st, from St. Joseph's Academy down St. George Street to commemorate the crowning of Mary in the Cathedral


 Seeing the old movie star Veronica Lake in person, at the Matanzas Theatre during a war bond drive in the 40's


 Flirting with all the guys sitting on the fence at the corner of King and St. George Streets


 Sub Junior meetings at the old library on Aviles Street


 Edgar Wishard's cool skeeter


 Evelyn Elkins sand sailing on St Augustine Beach


 Covering our windows with black curtains during WWII


Teen Town and the Skating Rink at old YMCA


Henry Whetstones Skeeter


Pool behind Wilbur's Garage on North San Marco. We repaired it with rags, tar and mud so it would hold water. It originally was an alligator pool tourist attraction with 5 or 6 gators and a picnic pavillion. Many summer hours spent here. B. Brown

If you want to add to this send email to with your sugesstions.

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