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Federal Point Families

Dickie Brantley's Ketterlinus and Old St. Augustine High School Diary.

Sorry I am so late on this,
Received a note from Al Ascherl, KHS 1952, that Dan Paulsen had died at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston, TX on June 28, 2005.  Dan had battled Leukemia for a number of years.  He had spent the last 5 months battling the cancer at the M.D. Anderson Center.
Talked with Al on 7/3/2005, to learn a little about Dan's career and family.  Dan's home was in Fairfield Glades, TN at the time of his death.   This is near Crossville, TN.  Following graduation from Ketterlinus, both Dan & Al, joined the Marines. Upon completing their military service, they both went to work for Lockheed Aircraft in CA.  From talking with Al, it seems they both had great careers with Lockheed.   
Dan was a Manager in Lockheed's Ocean System Division, where he retired after 38 years of service.  Dan leaves behind, his wife, Judy, and two children.  Dan is also survived by his older brother, Jerry (Bolles Academy), and sister, Barbara Paulsen Manucy, KHS 1955. I recently talked with Barbara at the KHS 1955 50th Reunion and she was concerned about Dan.
Something that I didn't know, Dan suffered from a severe eye infection, when he was a youngster and spent many months in Florida East Coast Hospital.  Dan was scheduled to graduate with the Class of 1952, but because of missing too much school due to an eye infection, he graduated with the Class of 1953.   Some of you may remember his eye doctor, Dr. Charles Grace.  Dan doesn't appear in the 1953 Kettle, but did graduate with the Class. I did find Dan in the "K" Club and the Hi-Y Club and he also played basketball for the Jackets.

 KHS 1955 50th Reunion

June 10, 2005

Woke up on Friday morning preparing for the big day ahead for the Class of 1955 50th Reunion in St. Augustine, FL. Had a big day ahead, since we were going to stay in our travel trailer at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine. I had booked the slot at the park about a month ago and was a little worried about being able to get our trailer and truck into the spot, since the warning on the State Site said "be careful" or something like that and it said it was spacious enough to accommodate our 24ft. trailer. I was pleasantly surprised about the cost of the site. For all of you out there, that are a resident of Florida and over age 65, you get a big discount. Our 3 night stay was only $37. It cost me more to stay at home, than it did for the stay in the park. As usual, when you don’t use the equipment (trailer) for awhile, the gas portion of the refrigerator didn’t work, but the electrical did and I spent too much time Friday morning trying to get gas part going. Finally gave up and got out the old ice chest and loaded it with the small amount of stuff that we were taking. Alice likes to eat out, says she is tired of cooking, so we didn’t need to bring very much, mainly some drinks and the coffee.

Alice was out getting her hair "done" and me, I don’t have enough hair to worry too much about getting it "done". Nothing would help me look better any way. You know the old saying, "Beauty is skin deep, but Ugly goes clear to the bone", well, I fall into the latter category. I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t leave a little earlier, since I would like to have attended the Friday luncheon with all the guys at the Sea Food Kitchen in St. Augustine. I was more disappointed, after arriving at the Friday night portion of the Reunion to learn that Coach Slater had attended the luncheon. I always enjoy seeing him and wanted to ask him about his recent trip to Sweden. I knew that he was a airplane navigator during WWII, but never realized that he was "interred" in a prison in Sweden during WWII. Maybe that was why he was tough on us during football practice, just kidding? I wanted to find out if they were "shot down" and he had to bail out or what. I enjoy hearing about those experiences of people that I know.

Speaking of that, and I have asked you before, to please take the time and write a little about yourself (life history) and send me a copy of it. You can use it in your Obituary, whenever that occurs. Things like where you grew up and went to school from the 1st grade to when you stopped, who you married, number of children, life work, other things that you might like others to remember you by. I find after going to so many reunions, breakfasts, luncheons, etc., that you don’t have time to spend and really get to learn a little about your friends that you grew up with. You talk with a few people and "bam", the time is gone and you missed talking with all the others that were attending the gatherings. Some may say, I was just a housewife, but "believe you me", I learned how much work that was when Alice had breast cancer, knees replaced and lower back fused, and I became the "housewife". The only time that I had ever worked that hard was at football practice. I never know where my e-mails end up, so if you see one and want to know my address, it is Richard A. Brantley, 3440 Orlando Ave., Mims, FL 32754, phone 321-267-4949 and e-mail address is

Now that we have gone through all that, let’s get back to the 1955 50th Reunion. The Friday night function was held at the lovely home of Bill and Linda Mignon. I know how much work that involves in getting your home prepared for this large of a function.. My "housewife" duties had somewhat prepared me for the amount of work involved. For Alice and my part, we thank them very much for their allowing the Class to have the Friday night portion of the Reunion in their home. When we got to the reunion, as a good engineer, I don’t read instruction too well and wandered around in the subdivision until I found a whole bunch of cars. I dropped Alice off at the entrance and she was a little concerned with my kind words telling her "this is the place". She decided to wait, until I parked the truck, before she would go to the home. Me, I would go to the home and ring the door bell and ask if this was where the 1955 Reunion was being held. If it wasn’t all they had to do was to throw me off their property. Alice is not that type, so she waited on me and it was Bill and Linda’s home. See, I told you how good of an engineer I was. Again, I reminded her that she should believe what I tell her and she looked at me and gave me that sort of sarcastic laugh.

Entering their home, we were greeted by Robert Taylor. Robert didn’t graduate from KHS, but went there for a couple of years before they moved to Gainesville, FL, where he graduated from GHS in the Class of 1956. Donald Fagan and wife, Joan, were in attendance. Donald graduated from Plant High School in Plant City, FL. He grew up with the members of the Class of 1955. They currently live in St. Augustine and he works with the Council on Aging. I can only wonder how good our 1954 & 1955 KHS football team would have been, if he and Donald Fagan had both graduated from KHS. Both were outstanding football players for Gainesville HS and Plant HS respectively. Donald made All State and received a football scholarship to the University of Florida. The 1954 Football team was undefeated and the 1955 Team was 7-3-1. The one loss was to Deland HS in the Playoff game. We had already beaten then once time during the regular season. Robert is the brother of Woodie Taylor, KHS 1948 and Donald is the brother of Arnold Fagan, KHS 1946 and Nancy Fagan, KHS 1951. As I recall, Arnold received a football scholarship to Auburn University. Don told me that Arnold and his wife, who currently reside in Jekyll Island, GA are moving back to Auburn, AL. I see Robert quite often at the luncheons and parties that I attend in St. Augustine. Also near the entrance were Kenny Prine, Jimmy Knight and Frank Henley from the Class of 1954. They are part of the group that I attend lunch with, when I go to St. Augustine on Fridays. It is always good to see them. They really make you feel that you are welcome. Alice usually doesn’t like it when we go to a reunions, because I leave her "stranded" and I wander around the rooms making myself a nuisance talking with people. Most look at me "strangely", wondering who is this guy. I find it is better to introduce myself, rather than them wondering about me. Some still don’t know me, but that’s alright since if they graduated from KHS, I probably have them in my Class Rolls. I have some that attended, but graduated from another school. My feeling is that if you come to a reunion, then you are part of that Class and I place you in my Class Rolls.

Wandering around, I got to see Joan Neville Motes. I introduced myself and saw the puzzled look in her eyes. I hadn’t seen her since 1955, when she graduated from KHS and I told her that I was married to Alice Campbell of her Class. I think I saw a little relief in her eyes, knowing that she didn’t have to put up with me. Seriously, she was kind enough to give me her birthday, which I included in my Class Rolls. It was good to see her. Next, I got a hug from my Classmate, Ilse Henchen Hendrix. She and husband, David Hendrix came down from Virginia for the Reunion. David is a retired Medical Doctor and also a retired Industrial Engineer, with both degrees being obtained from the University of Florida. While talking with David, I found that they have four children and they are all Medical Doctors. By the way, David was an All Conference Guard on the 1954 Football team. He was one of the few lineman that I saw score a touchdown, while I played football in high school and college. Got to talk with Hazel Bollinger Smith and husband, Mike. They live in Palatka, FL. I e-mail them with all my stuff, so they realize that this guy needs help. I about forgot, David’s brother, Larry Hendrix was in the Class of 1954 and he died in spring of 1974. Hazel’s brother, George Bollinger, was in the Class of 1952 and he died in the winter of 1964.

Got a chance to talk with Everett Masters and asked how his wife, Marie Foster was. Marie and her brother E. J. Foster were in my Class of 1956. Glad to see everyone was doing ok. Talked for a short while with Johnny and Donna LaPradd. They came up from South Florida. I know many of you remember members of his family. There was Charlie "Hilly", KHS 1948, but says he is a member of the Classes of 1946-1948. Hilly was an All American in Football for the University of FL. Other members of his family were Shellie LaPradd, I have him in about the Class of 1939, Dennis LaPradd in the Class of 1952, Laura Mae LaPradd Nettles, KHS 1943, Betty Ann LaPradd Weinacker, KHS 1948, Dorothy Nell LaPradd Foring, KHS 1943 and a younger sister. Shellie died in 1997 and Laura Mae died in 1994. Talked with Jimmy Murphy and his sister, Denis Murphy Plumb. For some reason, I forgot to introduce myself to Jim’s wife, Wynn. She may have been talking with someone and I didn’t want to interrupt. Jimmy is a Medical Doctor in the Tampa area. He at one time in the early days of the NFL Buccaneers was a team doctor or was associated with them. Sister, Denis, was in the Class of 1958.

Talked with Wayne Bennett. I hadn’t seen him for a long time. He retired from the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. His wife, and I didn’t know it, is Frances Batey, KHS 1957. Enjoyed the visit. Had an opportunity to discuss football with Windell McCraw, husband of Jackie Lopez McCraw. Always like to talk with Windell. We talked about Coach Slater and Tennessee Football and a few of the members that Coach played football with. Jack Armstrong, a coach at Ketterlinus middle school at one time was a player for TN and he was also an outstanding Coach at the Oak Ridge, TN high school. That school was state champion for many years while he was a coach there. I could go on, but I need to restrict this e-mail to KHS folks. By the way, Windell was the football coach and Athletic Director at St. Augustine High School. Got to see Billy Van Kirk and wife, Ruby. I forgot to ask Billy if he was still working. Some of you may remember his brother, Richard, KHS 1943, sister, Mae Van Kirk Bodman, KHS 1950, and there was a younger brother, I think. I met Mae and her husband at the last 1950 Reunion. Richard died in 1990. Jeannine McCarl Auth & husband, Dennis, were down from Ponte Vedra. I have been in touch with both by e-mail over the last 5 years. Jeannine’s mom was Thelma Canova McCarl, KHS 1934. Thelma died in 2002 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Jeannine has been trying to find her mother’s 1934 Class Group Picture for me. Alice’s was telling me that Jeannine has written a couple of books that are to be published(?). Also learned that Louquitas Brett Belloit, KHS 1954, has done the same. Henry "Bud" Hughes and wife, Pat Seamons Hughes, KHS 1959, were having a good time at the Reunion. Bud’s sister, Sally Hughes Starnes, KHS 1954, came down from Stone Mountain, GA for the reunion. Sally’s husband, Paul Starnes, died last year around the time of the 1954 50th Reunion and she couldn’t attend. Sally always tries to attend the reunions around hers and Buds Classes. You may remember their father, Jimmy Hughes, that owned Cordova Hardware in St. Augustine. Sally and Bud grew up in North City and attended Fullerwood School. My brother, Charles and I lived a couple of streets north of them on Sylvan Drive and we also attended Fullerwood school. Speaking of those early years, there was a very sad occasion that I recall. It was the tragic death of a little girl that lived on the corner of Sylvan and Douglas in North City. I was probably in the 2nd grade. Some how , as I recall it, she got into some kerosene in a paint bucket and was playing with it under the house and she caught on fire. In those years homes, were built on about ground foundations (piers). I don’t recall her first name, but she was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clyatt Powell and her brother was Clyatt "Skipper" Powell, Jr., KHS 1954. I attended the "viewing" in their home. Skipper died in the summer of 1990 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

Back to the more happier times, Dorothy Preble Delany and husband, Kenny were in attendance. Bill and Linda Mignon had set up a self serve "bar" in their home and Alice was getting thirsty. She asked the man, who just happened to be standing at the bar, for a coke. He said sure and gave her the drink. She thought he was the bartender and thanked him. She came back and was talking to me and I mentioned "the man" just happened to be Kenny Delany. Alice face turned red and she was embarrassed. She apologized to Kenny later. Kenny laughed and said he had pour a number of drinks for others at the party. Morale of the story is to not to linger near the "bar". Got to see Vee and Bud Markel, KHS 1953. Bud and I joked about a previous e-mail that I had sent saying I didn’t know if Vee was going to invite him to her Reunion. Bud was St. Johns County Clerk of the Court for many years. Vee worked for Barnett Bank. Vee’s Dad, was Buddy Wilson, that was involved with the St. Augustine Record for many years. Bud’s Dad, was KHS teacher and coach, Eddie Markel. Coach Markel died in the spring of 1989 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Vee’s Dad is also buried in Evergreen Cemetery. As a note, I don’t track life dates for people that didn’t graduate from Public School #1, old SAHS, and KHS, but I have digital pictures of all the gravestones in Evergreen Cemetery, Sons of Israel Cemetery and am working on San Lorenzo, and St. Augustine Memorial Park Cemeteries. Have many shots at Barnes and Pellicer Creek Cemeteries. Back to the more pleasant memories. Shirley Neighbors Thompson and Pierre Thompson were there. Shirley and Pierre had just return from a trip to Africa. Shirley’s sisters are Marion Neighbors Beccue, KHS 1950, Lynette Neighbors Irby, KHS 1952, and Nina Lou Neighbors Crosby, KHS 1956. Pierre brother was John D. Thompson, KHS 1940. John was a WWII Bomber Tail Gunner and also retired as Col. in the Fla Army National Guard. John died in the winter of 2000 and is buried in San Lorenzo Cemetery in St. Augustine.

Got to see Ralph "Buzzy" Nauright and wife Betsy Nauright. Buzzy has been retired from Florida Power and Light Company for a number of years. Betsy retired last year from teaching "Special Education" in the St. John County School System. I recall some place, that Buzzy’s Dad, Ralph Q. Nauright Sr. attended KHS or old SAHS and played football. I needed to look up that some place. Buzzy is a cousin of John Rudolph Nauright, Jr. , KHS 1953. Charlie (Bolles HS?) and Joan Banta Young (SJA) came with Bill (KHS 1954) and wife, Linda Young. Linda and I laughed about me saying her name was Carol in the e-mail that I wrote about the death of Peggy Pamies Mitchell, KHS 1958. I apologized again. I had received about 10 e-mails saying that Bill’s wife’s name was Linda, not Carol. My 1954 Class Address List showed the name as Linda. It is nice to know that someone reads this stuff that I send out. Bill is retired as President of Barnett Bank in St. Augustine. Going back to Joan Banta Young, her Dad, I think was James Banta, one of the Banta Brother twins. I met her mother, Mary Louise Ponce Banta (SJA 1936), a couple of years ago at the 2003 Mullet Club Christmas Luncheon. I know where Joan and her younger sister, Ann, received their attractive looks. Francis and wife, C.J. McKinney came over from Tampa, FL for the Reunion. Francis is retired and I think C.J. is still working. That is the way it should be, the wife should support her husband so he can play golf and all the other necessary things (fishing, boating) in life. C.J. handles all Francis’s computer work. He and my wife, Alice, keep telling me that they don’t have time to learn how to use the computer. As usual, I didn’t bring my Records and I wanted to ask Francis if he knew of Annabelle L. McKinney, KHS 1933 or Sarah McKinney, KHS 1936. That will have to wait until another time. Pete and Debbie Menten came up from Fort Lauderdale. Pete is retired, I think from owning some Ford Automobile dealerships in that area. Pete grew up just down the street from us. I think the name of the Street was East Park. I hadn’t seen him since high school and he still has that same great personality.

Getting back to Bill and Linda Mignon, Bill retired last year from being Principal of Pedro Menendez High School in St. Johns County. He has been Principal of a number of schools in the County. I meant to ask him, if he retired from the Florida National Guard. He flew fixed wing observation aircraft, when we were both in the Guard. Bill Young was a Fla Nat’l Guard helicopter pilot in those days. I was glad to see Roberta Pacetti Adams and husband, Harold (Dude) Adams at the Reunion. Roberta and I had been e-mailing for awhile and she thanked me for letting her know about the reunion. They live in Holt, FL, which is in the Pan Handle area of Florida. They have been owning and renting cabins there. I think there is good fishing around their area. I remember her brother, Kyle Pacetti (SJA) from my National Guard days. Ken Marshall was down from Lebanon, TN. He drove down and just got in before the start of the Friday Evening Affair. Ken and I have been e-mail for some time. His younger brothers, Billie and Jimmy Marshall were in the Class of 1957. I haven’t seen them since high school. Ken will stay over to attend the KHS Mullet Breakfast on Monday, June 13, 2005. He has heard me talk about it enough, so he planned to attend. Gene Pope came in from Jacksonville. I think he is retired from IBM. Gene’s dad, Eugene C. Pope, graduated from Ketterlinus in 1925. You may remember Gene’s Uncle, Verle Pope, SAHS 1924. Gene’s dad died in 1983 and Verle died in 1973. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in St. Augustine. I remember asking Gene, a few years ago, where his mother was buried, since I didn’t find her in Evergreen. He said she was still alive and going strong.

Katrina Lindquist Plumbee and husband, Harry were up/over from St. George Island, FL. As you can tell, I don’t know where that is. Katrina is a retired nurse and Harry retired from Lockheed. They have both retired to selling Real Estate in their area and both enjoy that work. I believe I read a recent article in the St. Augustine Record, where Pat Maurice Stevens, KHS 1955, and Gerald Stevens (KHS) were celebrating their 50 wedding anniversary and Katrina was a member of her wedding party. Janice LaVigne Johnson, KHS 1953, also got into the Real Estate business in the Tampa, FL area. I could go on, but Aubrey (1956) and Molly Anne Rathel (1954) May were in the Real Estate Business in St. Augustine. Miriam Simmons Brooker and husband, Robert Brooker, were up from Plantation, FL. Some of you may remember her sister, Beverly Griner, KHS 1957 and brother, Steve Simmons, KHS 1953. Steve died January 2004 and is buried in St. Augustine Memorial Park. Steve was married to Jackie Klipstine, KHS 1953. Didn’t get a chance to talk with Frankie Copeland Ingrahm, but said hi, when she was about to leave. Spoke for a few moments with Mary Lou Usina and husband, Leroy Brown. Mentioned to her that I had seen her brothers, Frank, KHS 1952 at the IHOP breakfast and Jack Usina, KHS 1947, at the recent 1947 KHS Mini Reunion held at Mary Eddins Brown, home on Vilano Beach. Barebel Trapp Whitney came down from Michigan. I don’t recall seeing her since my high school days. When I said hello, she looked at me with that sort of quizzical look, like who is this "nut case". I get those looks all the time, so I just let it roll off my shoulders. I was glad to see her , since I had been e-mailing with her, but she changed her e-mail address and I dropped her off my mailing list. I have her new home e-mail address now. I think I remember the original address had something to do with an educational system in MI. Barebel has a sister, Ingeborg Trapp Stodghill, KHS 1957, that lives in CO. Spoke with Alicia Scheider Finiello. It was the first time that I had seen her since 1955. She live at St. Augustine Beach. When I told her my name was Brantley, she asked about my brother, Charles and I said he was coming to the Reunion. Charles or Charlie as they call him, came up with his friend, Gwen, from Orlando, FL. I think that was all those at Bill and Linda’s home. I know there were a lot of people there.

The Saturday night affair was held at the Marsh Creek Country Club. It is a nice facility. Alice and I had previously attended the KHS 1951 52nd Reunion there. Another great crowd was there. In addition to the above, Mary Bennett Futch and husband, Bob, were there. I wanted to talk with Mary and get some information on her brothers, Llewellyn and Jackie Bennett, KHS 1954. I can recall Llewellyn playing in the KHS Band and he had a great personality. Always enjoyed being around him. Llewellyn, I believe he spent his career with the Florida Highway Patrol and he died in Jacksonville, FL in the summer of 1990 and is buried in the Jacksonville Evergreen Cemetery. He had 3 sons and a daughter. Mary mentioned that one of the sons had died in an auto accident near the time of Llewellyn’s death. Jackie Bennett and his family live in St. Augustine. I missed seeing him at the KHS 1954 50th Reunion that was held in June of 2004. Mary and Bob spend their time between the mountains of NC and St. Augustine. Got to see Joe Pomar. He was at the 45th Reunion. He mentioned that he was a cousin of Roberta Pacetti Adams. I guess all those minorcans are related. I recall a few years ago that Tommy Rogero, KHS 1946, told me that it seemed like all the minorcans were related. As a note, Tommy died of a brain aneurysm back in April 2001. Joe is the retired St. Augustine City Manager. Joe is the brother of Janelle Pomar Whaley, KHS 1952. Carol Lancaster Wallace came in from GA. I took her picture, but didn’t get a chance to talk with her. Said hello to Barbara Paulsen Manucy. She hasn’t change a whole lot from high school. Her brother, Dan Paulsen, was in the Class of 1953 and I believe she has another brother, Jerry. Barbara was married to Earl Manucy (SJA) and I think Earl died in 1998. I knew Earl and his brothers from growing up in St. Augustine.

Betty Lou Rhodes Cannon and husband, Bill Cannon came down from Monks Corner, SC for the Saturday night affair. She and I have been e-mailing for a few years. Some time back, I think, she told me that her family was involved in the fishing/shrimping industry around St. Augustine, when she was in high school. Maybe that is why she and husband, Bill, travel quite a lot to Florida for fishing. I was looking through one of the KHS Independents (school newspapers) and noticed that she was the editor. Another Independent, dated March 14, 1952, had Carolina Griffin & Hazel Bollinger as Reporters. This one also noted that "Shirley Neighbors" was the featured vocalist for the Jimmy Seaman Combo playing every Saturday night at Teen Town. Jimmy was in the Class of 1954 and he died in Enterprise, FL in summer of 1997. Talked with Kaye Johnson Battell for a few minutes. Kaye moved last year from Gainesville., FL to Palatka. We talked a few moments about her brother, Pat Johnson, KHS 1951, and his family. They live in New Port Richey, FL. I think I mentioned a few years ago that Pat & Anita’s two children were born deaf. Kaye told me that Pat & Anita’s son is going to have a Cocular Implant in the very near future so that he may hear his soon to be born child. I think that is great and was very pleased to get the news. We talked for a few minutes about Alnez Hogle Mason of my Class, being born to deaf parents. Talked for a few moments with Susannah Howatt Castle and husband, Albert. They live in St. Augustine. Susannah, Kaye, Jackie Lopez, Shirley Neighbors, Dot Preble, Anita Anderson, Caroline Pfaff, and Pat Doyle were the Varsity Cheerleaders in

1955. Took some pictures of Jeanette Campbell Lawson and husband, Paul. I have known Jeanette, since my family lived on the corner of Pacific St. and Grant St. in North City. That was a bunch of years ago. My 1956 Kettle shows Paul in the Class of 1959 and I knew him from my National Guard days. Just about forgot Carolina Griffin Moreau. If I am not mistaken, she is still working as a nurse in St. Augustine.

Enjoyed seeing members of my Class of 1956, Donald Dunham, Cecille Wilds Reeves and Judy Taylor DeBow. Don is a retired Naval Commander and is currently teaching at Bartlam Trails High School. Cecille is retired from General Motors and Judy still works in Real Estate in the Ponte Vedra, FL area. Also enjoyed sitting and talking with Sarah McQuaig Taylor. She and Robert Taylor were recently hitched, ok Alice, married.

Ron Carter and wife, Anne, came up from Daytona Beach. Since Ron is retired, he has gone in to manufacturing lawn chairs, patio equipment, etc.. He made a couple of Adirondack rockers for the Reunion. He had planned on giving one to Coach Slater as an appreciation gift for all the service that Coach had given to KHS and the other as a "door" prize. Ron had previously e-mailed me, wondering if Coach would like one that was white or would rather have one with a UT decal on it. I told him that Coach lived on Dunn’s Creek in Satsuma, FL and either would be great, but let Coach make the choice. At the Reunion, Coach was pleasantly surprised and taken back a little at the someone giving so pleasing a gift. Ron gave him a choice of taking the white one or he would make him a new one with a UT decal on it. Coach mentioned that he also had a Masters Degree from Florida, but would prefer, if he had a choice, one with Ketterlinus High School on it. Ron said ok and he gave the second chair as a second door prize. That was very generous of him and it turned out great for the Brantley Family. The first ticket was drawn for the smaller child rocker, with the Gator decal on it. Alice had said, boy that chair was beautiful and she would like to get one for our granddaughters. Shirley Neighbors Thompson drew the ticket and my brother, Charles, won the Gator chair. Four or five more tickets were drawn, but maybe the people had left already (it was 9 pm and that was late for the old folks), so no one was awarded the chair until the last ticket was drawn. Guess who got the white rocker, my wife, Alice. Everyone around us were good naturedly saying "fix, fix". I wasn’t paying too much attention to what was going on and I agreed with them. Saying I put glue on the tickets so Shirley or Ron or whomever was drawing the tickets, would pick the "right" ones. Before I knew it, Alice had traded the white rocker for the Gator rocker, so the rest is history.

Kathleen Russell Rockwell presented the awards that were given out. You may remember that Kathleen is the wife of Danny Rockwell, KHS 1953. Danny died in the spring of 1999. Kathy is retired from The Florida School for the Deaf & Blind. She presented the following awards: Most Great Grandchildren - 9 to Roberta Pacetti Adams and husband, Harold "Dude" Adams; Jimmy Russo came the longest distance to attend the reunion. He lives in CA; Hazel Bollinger Smith and Mike Smith had been married the longest - 49 years; Bill Mignon received the award of "Only male in Mrs. Hester Means’s High School Shorthand Class".

Bill played a tape of Jimmy Russo’s talk at the 25th Reunion. Jimmy was a funny guy. Jim Murphy and Barebel Trapp spoke, but I was a little too far away to clearly understand the talk. That’s what old age and hearing loss does for me.

Those members of the Class of 1955 that have gone on to a better place are:

Wava Jean Barnes Green - December 2003

Bobby Boulineau - January 2001

Stuart Briddle - July 1996

Richard Caputo - September 1997

Robert Drake - December 2003

Edwin Gramling - July 2004

Jimmie Koutelas - August 1957

Robert McCain - May 2003

Charles "Teddy" Richardson - August 2002

Robert Russell - April 1988

Robert Shepherd - December 1995

Arthur J. Smith - 1991? - If you know, please let me know

Charles Smith - January 2004

Sylvia Stewart Tavares - November 1979

Some others in the Class, but didn’t graduate with the Class

Llewellyn Bennett - June 1990

Roscoe Pomar - March 1993

I know that I have left someone out. So if you know of anyone please let me know. Also, since I didn’t talk with most of the people, please drop me a line and tell me what you learned about our classmates. I won’t reveal your name, even if it is something good to say. I know you learned more than the "Same old stuff".

Dickie Brantley

My Weekend in St. Augustine - June 9-13, 2005

I decided to break the e-mail into two parts, since the 1955 50th Reunion may be a little long to transmit. So here it goes.

June 9, 2005

On Thursday, I was off to St. Augustine to attend a KHS 1952 Breakfast at the IHOP in St. Augustine. It was one of those "just nice to be together" type breakfasts. Jeanette Oliver Flowers, KHS 1952, had sent me an e-mail saying how much she liked to talk about "old times" and I mentioned that if she could set something up, I would really enjoy attending. I always like to meet new people and visit with those that I know. Little did I realize that they scheduled the breakfast for the day before the 1955 50th Reunion. Boy, that breakfast got expensive, since I normally drive my 1 ton Dodge truck to attend these functions and the price of diesel fuel has gone to $2.40 a gallon. It is around 200 miles round trip to St. Augustine, from our home in Mims. I wish I got around 25 miles per gallon, but I get around 15. None of that makes any difference, when you really enjoy attending the functions. Let me get back to those in attendance for the 1952 Breakfast. Attending from the Class of 1952 were Janelle Pomar Whaley, John Daniels, Carolyn Hunter Robshaw, Jeanette Oliver Flowers, Donnie Wilson, Gary Skinner, & Frank Usina. From the Class of 1949 was Howard Keythe, Class of 1950, Joan Medlin Hill and from 1951 was Vera Sundeman Harnage. Some old photos were passed around, Janelle had the Kettles from her 4 years at KHS, and I had some KHS Independents (school newspapers" that

Charlie "Toni" Souther, KHS 1952 had sent me. Toni had also, sent me some football clippings from his days as playing "Guard" on KHS teams. While at IHOP, I called Toni, who lives in Norfolk, VA and thanked him for the KHS literature. Then I passed the cell phone around so that he could talk with members of his Class. I tried to call Dennis LaPradd in Cherokee, AL, but he wasn’t at home or he thought it was one of those "telemarketing " type phone calls. It was a good visit and I picked up some "birthdays" from those attending, I am always looking for KHS people birthdays, so that I might find them in the Social Security Death Index, if you go before me. Following the Breakfast, I wanted to stop at Morrison’s Hardware, since I read in the St. Augustine Record that Irvine Morrison, SJA 1953, is closing his store following a very long time in business on West King St. I was running behind time, so I decided to get on home.

On Thursday evening, June 9, 2005, I received a call from a lady in Pahrump, NV, saying she had read my e-mails on a "Federal Point" Website and sends them to her mother that lives in Clermont, FL. She used the "Google" search engine to find me. We talked for about an hour. I learned her mother’s name was Hazel Ruth Dupont Hunt and that she had graduated from KHS in 1939, also that her Uncle was Charles A. Dupont, KHS 1935, and I think, was a member of the original Mullet Club, that was comprised of those from the 1930s Classes. Charles, known in high school by the nickname "skeeter", died in St. Augustine in 1995. He is buried, I think, in Sampson Cemetery. I know that he must have been a good athlete, since he played, football, basketball and baseball from 1931-34 for KHS. Did I tell you that there are only 4 members left of the original Mullet Club, Owen McAloon KHS 1932, Russell Cummings KHS 1935, Donald Buck KHS 1937, & Joe Williams KHS 1938? I also learned that Barbara Hunt, the daughter (NV) was born in the Florida East Coast Hospital in St. Augustine, the same as me. Barbara was telling me that her Mom, keeps in touch with, Dr. George Hopkins, KHS 1939. Mom was also an outstanding "Golfer" and athlete. Since I don’t play Golf, I use the term "Golfer". I gave up that sport, since I got tired of embarrassing people. They couldn’t believe that anyone could play as poorly as I did. Getting back to the subject, I told Barbara that her telephone call was a very pleasant surprise and that I will call Mom next week when we get back home. Following the Reunion, we plan on attending the KHS Mullet Breakfast on Monday, June 13, 2005.


Saturday June 11, 2005

I had been invited to attend the SAHS 1960 45th Reunion that was held the same weekend as the 1955 50th Reunion. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to attend both. I did stop by for a few minutes to visit with Jack and Diane Chambers Daly of my Class. They live just up the road from the Boating Club where the 1960 Reunion was held. After I left there I stopped by the Boating Club, this was around 1 pm, and met Fran Barbour Moore, SAHS 1960. She was kind enough to give me a Class Roster of the people that can find. I plan on including this Class in my Class Rolls, since they only went to SAHS for the last part of their senior year. While there, got a chance to talk with Kent Norris, son of Dr. Hardgrove Norris, KHS 1931, and brother of Carolyn Norris Williams of my Class. Both Dr. Norris and Carolyn are deceased and buried in St. Augustine Memorial Park. Kent wanted to know if I was interested in the information that his Dad had on KHS and I "lit up like a light bulb" saying yes, yes. He said that he would send it to me. That made my day. While I was at the Boating Club, Alice was attending a "birthday" luncheon for Anita Cody Hall, KHS 1957, at the Gypsy Cab Company. It was a luncheon that a group of women hold each month. Those in attendance this day were, Sylvia Swindull, KHS 1956, Judy Thomas Swindull, KHS 1955, Carol O’Lynn Wilson, KHS 1953, and Shelba Markel Powers, KHS 1954. Sally Colee, wife of Jerry Colee was there along with some others. I only have listed those that are connected some way to KHS.

Sunday - June 12, 2005

Another happy occasion occurred on Sunday afternoon at Schooner in North City where we were having lunch. Ronnie Radford , KHS 1957, and wife, Nancy Hall Radford, SAHS 1960, stopped by our table on the way out of the restaurant. I had talked with Ronnie and Nancy at the KHS 1957 Mini Reunion, last month in St. Augustine. I mentioned that I didn’t have anything on the Classes of 1958-1960 and I use the Kettles to get the graduation Class. The St. Johns County Schools won’t let me look at their Micro Film for the Class Rolls. Nancy offered to loan me her Kettles for those years. Well, Nancy, had brought her Kettles for me. That was another highlight of my weekend in St. Augustine. Also, Nancy and Ronnie are moving back to St. Augustine from Warner Robbins, GA. Nancy is the daughter of former St. Augustine Fire Chief Hall. Also, talked with Bob Herndon, KHS 1939, and wife, Eloise Richardson Herndon, KHS 1944.  Bob was just getting out of a Jacksonville Hospital the last time that I had talked with him.

KHS Mullet Breakfast - June 13, 2005

Monday morning I was up early, but didn’t have to leave until 8 am to attend the KHS Mullet Breakfast. I normally leave home around 6:30 am to get there by 8:15 am. Got to the Conch House and met Coach Slater, Ed (Ebbie) Long, KHS 1953, and Ken Marshall, KHS 1955. Ken said he was going to try and make the Breakfast before he returned to TN. Already inside were Joe Williams, KHS 1939, and Jerry Kass. I told Jerry about Bunny George, SAHS 1960, and she wanted me to say hello for to him for her. Jerry and son, Barry Kass, bought Kelly George, Jr. Business in St. Augustine many years ago. I remember the name Kelly George and didn’t realize that he had died of a heart attack at age 35. I returned to Donald and Ethel Buck, their collection of KHS memorabilia. It included the Class photos for 1935, 1936 & 1937. Others in attendance this day were Ronald and Trudie Bowe, KHS 1941; Marian Watson Rogero, KHS 1941; Roy Barnes, KHS 1942; Elton and Mary Louise Hayes , KHS 1944 & SJA respectively; Pierce Evans, KHS 1943; Helen Varn Holton , KHS 1944, and Marjorie Varn Leonard, KHS 1947; Marie Nader, KHS 1933 & Yvonne Nader Pearrow, SJA 1939; Bill Cothron, KHS and wife; Dr. George Hopkins, KHS 1939; Gary Skinner, KHS 1952; Talmadge Skinner, KHS 1946; Lyman and JoAnne McRae Kirkwood, both 1946. Ann Reid Merzbacher, KHS 1946,and family came for a short visit to the breakfast. I took them over to talk with her Classmates, JoAnne, Lyman, and Talmadge and I wander back to the other side of the room, talking and not paying attention. I didn’t realize that Ann and family had left before I could get their picture and talk for a few moments. They live in Chapel Hill, NC. It was nice to meet them in person. I did take a picture of Owen McAloon, KHS 1932, along with Ebbie Long and Ken Marshall. Ken had asked me, who was the oldest and I introduced them to Owen. Carl Stokes, KHS 1931, was the previous oldest KHS Classmate that attends the Mullet Breakfast. Also in attendance was Cicero Thomas Lucas, Jr. & wife, Natalie Lucas. Joe Williams had invited them to the Breakfast. Tom’s Dad, Cicero T. Lucas was in the Class of 1918. They brought me the 1918 Class Photo and let me take it home with me to make a copy. I previously had gotten the 1917 Class Photo from Walter Foy, KHS 1945 and the KHS 1920 Class Photo from Irvin Morrison, SJA 1953.

I made out like a ‘bandit" this weekend. With the borrowing of the 1957-1960 Kettles from Nancy Hall Radford; the 1960 Class Roster from Frances Barbour Moore, maybe Dr. Norris’s KHS mementos: Cicero Thomas Lucas’s 1918 Class Photo and finally a picture of Lyman Kirkwood’s mother, Mrs. Bernice Kirkwood, my Principal at Fullerwood School. In addition to the great time we had at the 1955 50th Reunion. I would like to thank all for making this a truly great weekend.


Dickie Brantley

I was saddened to read about the death of Carl Elery Stokes.  I first met him a few years ago at one of the KHS Mullet Club Breakfast.  I was amazed to learn that he graduated in the Ketterlinus Class of 1931.  I think he was age 90 at that time and except for being a little hard of hearing, he drove to the Breakfast by himself.  I gave him a copy of the 1930 Buccaneer Class pictures for 1930 and the junior Class of 1930, which was his Class.  He was going to name the people for me, but they were hard to distinguish and with a somewhat failing eyesight, he said he would get back with me.  He need a magnifying glass to determine whom they were.  Unfortunately, we both forgot about it and it was my loss.  Mark Manucy, KHS 1957, had let me borrow his mother's (Clara Davis Manucy) copy of the Booklet for 1930.  This is where I had obtained the pictures.  A note in the Junior Class Prophecy: Carl Stokes, Pride of the Physics Class, is the "big bug" in the scientific world of research. 
We talked after one of the Breakfast and he told me he still dabbled in Real Estate and also had an e-mail address.  I got that from him and sent him some of my KHS Wanderings, but I don't recall getting anything from him.  I knew his wife, Ann Stokes, had died last year.  They lived in the St. Augustine South area. 
Some others in the 1931 Class were:  Dr. Hardgrove Norris; Edward Clyde Cummings Jr.; Seals Askew McLucas; Martha Drakos; Dr. Kenneth Dunham; Horace Lindsley; Louise Frances Parker; George Ira Pollock Jr.; Mildred Louise Sigman Rentz; John Thomas Strickland; William Tindell; Ruth Hitchcock; Felix Glickstein; Mary Bell Chilton; Neal Dale; Charles Frederick Garnette; Mary Louise Daniel; Richard Farrell; Mary Louise Capo & Mary Delia Irvine. Note - if you know of any of these, please let me know - thanks.
 Jan 2004 Carl Stokes
Obituary from Record:
Carl Elery Stokes, of St. Augustine, passed away on May 10, 2005. Carl was born on Oct. 3, 1913, in Belomore, Fla. He was preceded in death by his wife and true love, Ann Elizabeth Stokes. He is survived by his children, son and daughter-in-law, Carl Joseph and Jenny Stokes of Winter Springs, Fla.; daughter, Ann Elizabeth Stokes of Tallahassee, Fla.; son and daughter-in-law, John Lindsey and Dorothy Stokes of Amelia Island, Fla.; daughter and son-in-law, Mary Catherine and Kevin Mueller of Alpharetta, Ga.; and son, James Matthew Stokes of Jacksonville, Fla.; six grandchildren, David Stokes, Amy Stokes Batten, Daniel Stokes, Ashley Stokes, Kevin Stokes and Trevor Mueller; three great-grandchildren, Kirsten, Ashlyn and Ayden Batten; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Carl was a devoted husband and a loving father. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II landing at Omaha Beach during the invasion at Normandy. He was an avid reader with a thirst for knowledge and a lover of history. He traveled throughout the United States with his family visiting sites of historical importance. He and his family lived in Jacksonville until he retired from Fred M. Cox Construction Company and moved to St. Augustine with his wife. It was in St. Augustine that he began his second career building homes and dabbling in real estate. Carl spent many years researching his family genealogy and achieved the recognition of Florida Pioneer. He ran or walked several miles each day until his final months. He was a member of the Mullet Club and the Cathedral Parish in St. Augustine. He was a gentleman who lived life to the fullest and treated others with kindness and respect. He will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 14, 2005, at Assumption Catholic Church in Jacksonville. Interment will follow in Greenlawn Cemetery. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, May 13, 2005, at George H. Hewell & Son Funeral Home, 4140 University Boulevard South, Jacksonville. A vigil service will be held at 7 p.m.

George H. Hewell & Son Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.


 1948 Class Reunion

April 16, 2005

Had another great time at the 1948 Class Reunion. I only attended the main event, which was held on Saturday night at the Rod & Gun Club in St. Augustine. They had a Friday night event, but my hearing is getting so poor, I misunderstood in whose home it was being held. I didn't plan on going to that portion of the reunion, but I would have like to have acknowledge whose home it was. Heard a number of people saying what a great time they had at the Friday event.

Let me get back to the beginning. I was off to St. Augustine about 2:30 pm, hoping to stop by San Lorenzo Cemetery and shoot a couple of hundred photos. Pulled in to St. Lorenzo and got out of Alice's car and opened my briefcase, which I placed in the back seat. I wanted to get my camera out, but much to my disgust, it wasn't there. I had been in too much of a hurry, when I left home and I remembered where I had put the camera. It was still there when I returned home about Midnight. I wasn't going to miss the chance to take photos at the reunion, those people in San Lorenzo could wait until my next visit. I jumped back in my car and went to Office Max and then Staples looking for an inexpensive camera. I didn't find one, so I got a whole lot poorer, before I left the Staples. You can't use the camera without batteries and a larger "Compact Flash" card, than the one that came with the camera. I wanted a Compact Flash card camera, since I already have a number of the cards for my "home" cameras. For you out there, I bought the Canon Powershot A95. It is a nice camera, but I didn't know how to use it, so I loaded the batteries and card and went back to San Lorenzo. Took about a hundred photos. By this time I had to get on to the Rod and Gun Club, didn't want to miss anything there, even though I was taking a chance without reading the camera instructions. To make a long store short, the photos came out pretty good, meaning "you can teach an old dog new tricks".

Going back a little further, Betty Roberts Hunter, KHS 1947 and wife of Connie Hunter KHS 1948 had mentioned to me last fall about a reunion in the spring. I didn't think anymore about it until Audrey McCormick Wells KHS 1948, in response to one of my KHS notes about being invited to the Reunion, invited me. I always procrastinate on going to the reunions, because I don't want to interfere with their enjoyment and most don't know me from a "hill of beans". I decided to go, because this one would be special for me. It gave me an opportunity to see my first cousin, Helen Brantley Maltby, KHS 1948 and husband Richard Maltby. I hadn't seen them in 28 years and then it was only for a few minutes at her father's, John Brantley, funeral in Starke, FL. I had a great time visiting with them and talking about family. I looked at her picture in the 48 Kettle and she hasn't changed much today. I wish the years had been kinder to me.

The Reunion organizers were Percy Preble, KHS 1948 and his wife Janet. For you out there that know and remember Janet Preble, KHS 1953, she is married to John (Buddy) Wilson, KHS 1951 and they live in NC. She is also Percy's sister. I called Percy, after getting his phone number from his sister, Dot Preble Delaney, KHS 1955. I thought Percy and Jan were living in St. Augustine, but I found out later that his address is Elkton, FL. I had already sent my money in for the reunion, but I needed to know when the event started. The meal was prime rib, plus all the trimmings, and for dessert, there was homemade ice cream, cookies and cake. Of course, I didn’t have any of the ice cream, since I am on a diet (yeah, if you believe that).

On the way in, I met and got a hug from Sylvia Gray Strickland Hines. The last time I had seen Sylvia was at my Uncle Sam Baker’s Funeral in 2003. Sylvia is the widow of Billy Hines, KHS 1943 and she is a member of the Class of 1948. While at the 2003 funeral, Sylvia showed me where Billy is buried in St. Augustine Memorial Park. Also talked with Jack (Rusty) Rinehart, another member of the Class of 1948. I use to be in the Life Guard Corp. with Rusty and his brother, Bob Rinehart. Bob was a member of the Class of 1949 and he died in 1992 and is buried in Sanford, FL. I have been by his grave a few times and have taken pictures of his gravestone. I didn’t get the name of the lady with them, but I am sure it was Rusty’s wife, Doris Adams, KHS 1950. Ben Adams, Doris’s younger brother, is a retired Col. in the Florida Army National Guard and is presently the St. Johns County, County Manager.

Went in side the Rod and Gun Club and met Henry (Mackie) MacDonell. Henry was attending with his wife, Anne. We talked some about his younger brother, Jerry MacDonell, KHS 1952. Jerry died of cancer in Tallahassee, FL in 2002. Mackie lives in Lakeland, FL. I asked if his wife was a member of the Class of 1948 and he said no. Also found that Mackie and Jerry’s Dad, is buried in St. Augustine National Cemetery. While on the subject of the MacDonells, and I have learned this in the last couple of days (5/7/2005) that Mackie’s Aunt Mary Elizabeth MacDonnell Guy, graduated in the KHS Class of 1926. Mary Guy was the Vice President of the SAHS 1924 Sophomore Class and President of the KHS 1925 Junior Class. Yes, they started Ketterlinus in about 1925. She also played basketball for 3 years and was Capt. for 2 years. She graduated from a College in New England and came home to teach at the D&B. She married Thomas B. Guy, KHS 1929. He became a lawyer and at one time taught at Florida Normal. Mary died in 1988 in VA and Thomas died in 1975 in VA. While doing some research early this year, I found, Hubert Graham Guy, SAHS 1923, in the Social Security Death Index. I believe that he was Thomas’s brother. What surprised me was that he died in December 2003 in Delray Beach, FL. He was 97 years of age, when he died. He played football for SAHS in 1923. He also graduated from the University of Florida, that is probably what gave him such a long life longevity. He was the longest living KHS/old SAHS person that I have a record on. It was too bad, that I could only find a "one Liner Obituary" for him in the Delray Beach newspapers.

Back to the 1948 Reunion, I got a nice hug from Ellen Sarris Allen and shook hands with husband, Fred Allen, KHS 1949. Really enjoyed seeing them. I had been e-mailing then for sometime and last saw them at Robert Camp Burns’s, KHS 1949, funeral in Port Orange, FL. By the way. Robert or Bob was a retired Air Force Col. Fred is also a retired Air Force Col. I believe Fred is also a retired St. Johns County School Principal. Most of you in St. Augustine already know that. Got to see Steve Sarris, KHS 1948 and wife, Geraldine Russell, KHS 1952. Jerry’s brother, Sam Russell, was in the Class of 1950. I didn’t realize until this past year that the Russells are related to my brother-in-law, Arthur Lamont Morse SAHS 1963. Steve and Ellen brothers are Philip KHS 1946, Minas, KHS 1949 and George KHS 1950. I haven’t seen Minas or George, but got a chance to talk with Philip at the 2001 KHS 1946 Reunion. I recalled from many years ago that Steve use to drop by our KHS football practice, when I was still in high school. Strange how you remember things like that.

Did hear some bad news at the Reunion, Charlie "Hillie" LaPradd, KHS 1948 is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. Most of you remember him, he played football for the Mullets and them became an All American Football for the University of Florida. He was at one time, the head of St. Johns River Community College. Hillie currently lives in Keystone Heights, FL. I wandered around the Reunion, making a pest of myself. I took a number of photos and bothered a lot of people by asking them for their birthday. I use that information, when I try to track down someone and want to somewhat make sure it is the person that graduated from old SAHS or KHS. If you have an unusual name, it makes it a lot easier to find you in the Social Security Death Index. With the birthday, without the unusual name, I might be able to find you anyway.

Got to meet a lot of people and some I should have talked with, I was disappointed that I didn’t. Anne Rosser Fleming, tickled me, when I asked for her e-mail address. The last one I had in 2002, there her name was King. She was giving me the King address and then said "no that is right, I am now a Fleming".She mentioned she changes husbands every now and then. She was funny and had a great personality. Her brother, George Rosser, KHS 1947, is a retired Doctor living in the Carolinas. Didn’t get a chance to talk with Earlene Andreu Carson, I had some questioned on her KHS Andreu relations. Talked with Anita Carter Masters. She lives in Statesboro, GA. Her husband, Norman E. Masters, KHS 1942, died in 2003 and is buried in St. Augustine’s Evergreen Cemetery. Spent some time talking with Japnell Davis Braun. She was a Gator and currently lives in Centerville, OH. Her family are big Ohio State Fans. Spoke with Joan Day Walker, she and husband Alan live in Gainesville, GA. I was a little surprised when I found out she was the sister of Robert Day, KHS 1954. I wasn’t aware that he had a sister. Robert lives in Keystone Heights, FL. Got a chance to talk with Eva Fanis Poulos and her sister, Evelyn Fanis Varoutsos. Eva was down from Potomac, MD and Evelyn and husband, Perry, were down from Fairfax, VA. Eva gave me her e-mail address. Got birthdays from both of them. Dr. James R. Fisher and wife, Eloise, were up from Mount Dora, FL. Eloise told me that she graduated from Orlando High School. I mentioned previously that I talked with Sylvia Hines, she lives in Jacksonville, FL.

Spoke with Allen "Bucky" Powers. He was a friend of my brother, James "Ted" Gillis. They played football for the Mullets. Ted always over the years had asked me about Bucky. Ted thought a lot of him. Bucky as I recall was the St. Johns County Property Appraiser, when he retired. The person that came the farthest for the Reunion was Earl Jenkins. Earl came in from Steilacoom, WA and that is a "fer piece" from St. Augustine. Mary Ella Joyce Scott was down from Athens, GA. She lost her husband, Richard Scott, last year. Got to meet her and Richard at the 1946 Reunion back in 2001. Spoke with Mary Lopes Noda, she was in from Tallahassee, FL. I had two addresses for her in my Class Roll and she told me the correct one. Got a hug from Audrey McCormick Wells. She invited me to the Reunion. She was there along with husband, Charles. She is an outgoing person and I am sure a bunch of fun to be around.

Robert "Bobby"Meade came with his grandson, I believe his name was Geoff Garnett. Bobby was married to Jackie Bedenbaugh Meade. Jackie was in the Class of 1953 and use to live on East Park, just north of our home on Sylvan Drive. Jackie died of Cancer in 1985. Also attending the Reunion was Celia Reid Rose. She and husband, William, came down from Jacksonville. I found out this past week, that Ann Reid Merzbacher, KHS 1946, is her sister. Ann lives in NC. Also, found out from Ann that Robert Reid, KHS 1943, was their brother. I found a Robert C. Reid, that died in 1997 in Cincinnati, OH, but I am not sure that is him. Spent a little while talking with Annabelle Scherer Solano. She is the sister of my Classmate, Lester Scherer. Annabelle lives in Elkton, FL. Their sister, Margie Scherer Kight, KHS 1946, died at Riverdale in 2003. Had an opportunity to see, Audrey Stevens Thorne and husband, Craig Thorne. They live in St. Augustine. I met them last year at the funeral of Ora Godwin, mother of Delora Godwin Mark, KHS 1950. Ora was the wife of Delbert Godwin of the Florida National Guard. Delora’s husband, Francis, KHS 1946, is buried in St. Augustine’s Evergreen Cemetery, along with Delbert and Ora. Had a moment to talk with Bessie Tsagaris Efstahion. She and husband Chris own a children’s ware shop in Palatka. I think that is right. Bessie brother, Theofilis Tsagaris, KHS 1946, was a cardiologist in Salt Lake City, Utah. He died in 1996. While searching for a few unknowns "whereabouts" in the Class, I found Peter George D’Augusta. His name was in the SSDI and he died in Clute, TX on 12/10/2003. I asked Percy Preble about him and Percy said that Peter was from NY and the SSDI listed a NY social security number of the Peter D’Augusta there.

I think that is all the 1948 Classmates that attended, but I may be wrong. I know that Leland White Joyce, KHS 1947, and husband, Edward Joyce, KHS 1945 attended. I have been trying for a couple of years to get the birthday of Ed, since he and Donald Tully, KHS 1946, have the same birthday. I went to a 1947 Reunion a couple of years ago and they said their birthdays, but I missed the year. I was successful this time. Saw Mary Eddins Brown, KHS 1947, even escorted her to her car after the Reunion. Mary was the wife of William Turner Brown, KHS 1945. Bill Brown died in 2003. He had the nickname in high school of G.B., which stood for "Gold Brick". I understand he was quite the athlete, while in high school. Played football and track. Got to see my old friend Betty Roberts Hunter, KHS 1947 and her sister, Carolyn Roberts Herndon, KHS 1949. Met Carolyn at the funeral of Ora Godwin last year. Carolyn’s husband, was Eugene Herndon, KHS 1949. He died in 1999 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Have known Betty and husband, Connie Hunter, KHS 1948, for a long, long time. Connie was not well enough to attend the Reunion. Connie is the 1948 Class President. Tiller Thacker, Jr. was the Vice President of the Class. Till died in 1998 in Roswell, NM. Some of you may remember Till’s Mom, Lucy Thacker, that use to attend First Methodist Church in St. Augustine. She died in Roswell, NM and is buried alongside her son. Till’s sister, Margaret Thacker Davis, KHS 1943, lives in Roswell, NM. Class Secretary was Celia Reid; Class Treasurer was Audrey McCormick and Class Sponsors were Mrs. Francis Kalv & Carl Niles. Got to meet Virginia Parkhill Danford, KHS 1947, in person. We had been e-mailing for a while and I am always asking about Parkhills that went to KHS. Virginia lives in St. Augustine.

Those that I know are deceased in this Class are: Laurie Edward "Jack" Beach; Dorothy Brunney Tarver; Meeker Collins; Peter George D’Augusta; Robert "Bucky" Francis; James "Jimmy" George; Pauline Greene Follweiler; Shirley Ann Hartley Cooksey; Clifford Edward Hill; Juanita Kennedy Bell; Lila Freda Knobloch Noble; Joyce Elaine Lyon; Tiller Thacker Jr.; George C. Tarver; Marty Victor; Jacquelyn Rogero Canepa; Jonell Tanner Witzen; and Betty Ann Wiley Light.

Now a little football stuff. Those that made all conference on the 1947 Mullet Football team were Marty Victor, Eddie Eaton both at Tackle; Henry "Mackie" MacDonnell at Center; Vernon Smith at Guard; Allen "Bucky" Powers, Tom Beach, & Charlie Johnson were All Conference Backs. Marty was also "Little All State" at Tackle. Bucky Powers and Harry Thornton were Co-Captains of the team.

Girls basketball had Mary Ella Joyce, Betty LaPradd, Anne Rosser, Bessie Tsagaris, Ellen Sarris, Celia Reid, Audrey Stevens, Phyllis Butler, Carol Ford 1950, Edna Oliver Holton 1949, Marie Parrish 1950, Charlotte Johnson 1950, Joan Taylor (?), Margaret Punzelt 1951, Mary Ruth Phillips 1952, Myrl Cowart 1949, Barbara Mayo, Nancy Fagen 1951 and Evelyn Fanis was Manager. The Girls basketball team was called the Pirates.

Honor Roll Senior: Helen Brantley; Anita Carter; Japnell Davis; Joan Day; Martha Fletcher; Marjorie Glickstein; Shirley Ann Hartley; Mary Ella Joyce; Joyce Elaine Lyon; Jean Rankin; Celia Reid; Jacquelyn Rogero; and Audrey Ann Stevens.


Maurice Percy Preble - Most Popular in School

Tiller Thacker & Anne Rosser - Most Popular Couple

Most Attractive Couple - Maurice Percy Preble & Bessie Tsagaris

Most Intellectual - Robert "Bobby" Meade & Japnell Davis

Most Witty - Celia Reid & Graham Vernon

Most Athletic - Steve Sarris & Betty Ann LaPradd

Most Likely to Succeed - Connie Hunter & Jean Rankin

Queen’s Court at Christmas Dance - Carolyn Crowley, Helen Brantley, Mary Lopes - Queen, Audrey McCormick & Bessie Tsagaris

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope I don’t bore you with all this stuff.



Thought you would like to know.  I don't have a picture of Ray Rollins, since he was too young for the freshman class in the 1939 Scribble.  He must have left for WW II Service before the 1943 Class Picture was taken, since I didn't find him there.  I am assuming that was his Class.  Just a note, there were no yearbooks after 1939 until the 1945 Kettle.  Many of the young men at KHS entered WW II Service before their Class graduated.  You may remember a number of those in the Class of 1943: Robert Thomas Goodwin (my high school coach)(deceased); Jessie Arant Goodwin Scoville; Fred Scoville; Pierce Evans; Ann Sessoms Blount; Archie LeGear (deceased); Dorothy Dunham Olson; Laura LaPradd Nettles (deceased); Mary Eaton Genung (deceased); Lillian Fagen Hudson (deceased); Marjorie Ford Ryals; Jean Hill O'Brien; William Joseph Hines (deceased); Archibald Little Jr.; Robert T. Reid (deceased); Vivian Ridge Williams; Hilda Sellers McMullen; Margaret Thacker Davis; Mary Frances Gillis Faloon (my sister); Catherine Settles Craig; William B. Smith; Paul Basil Triay (deceased); Richard VanKirk (deceased); Bruce Torrey White (deceased); George Ransom Wiles (deceased); Dorothy J. Wiley (deceased) and Fawn Goldstein. There are many more in the Class, I only listed some of them.

Mildred Rollins Layfield, Ray's sister, graduated in the Class of 1941.


Obituary from 5/8/2005 Record:

James Raymond Rollins (Ray), 79, died May 5, 2005, at Flagler Hospital in St Augustine. He was born July 12, 1925, to S.A. and Bessie Rollins in St. Augustine. He was a life long resident of St. Augustine. He was educated in the local school system and later in life went on to receive his doctorate degree in vocational education. As a senior in high school, Ray left school to join the service.

Ray was a veteran of World War II, serving as an engine room officer and later as a merchant marine officer. He served as a technical inspector of heavy equipment for the United States Army Corps of Engineers in Europe. Upon discharge and returning home, he entered into partnership with his father, S.A.Rollins & Son, working in land clearing and heavy equipment.

Ray was involved in law enforcement since 1959, when he started as an auxiliary policeman. He was then appointed a deputy sheriff under L.O. Davis, then served under sheriffs Garrett, O'Loughlin and Perry. He was a state certified police instructor.

He worked as an instructor in vocational education at Ketterlinus Junior High for four years, then at St. Augustine Technical Center until his retirement in 1991. He was a member of the International Order of the Odd Fellows Lodge, serving one term as Grand Master.

He was of the Baptist faith and served as a deacon of Ancient City Baptist Church. He was preceded in death by a son, Terry Kent Rollins, and his parents, S.A. & Bessie Rollins.

He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Catherine H. Rollins; two daughters, Nancy R. Bennett and Susan C. Rollins; one sister, Mildred Rollins Layfield, KHS 1941; two grandchildren, Daryl Lynn and Shaun Bennett, all of St. Augustine.

Visitation will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight at Craig Funeral Home. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday, May 9, at Ancient City Baptist Church, with the Rev. David Rice officiating.

Flowers are graciously accepted or a donation may be made to Ancient City Baptist Church Building Fund, 27 Sevilla St., St. Augustine, FL 32084.

I was off to St. Augustine early Friday morning to meet my daughter-in-law and granddaughter on their Mims Elementary School 4th Grade School Trip.  Arielle, my granddaughter was born with Down Syndrome, and I always like to accompany or surprise her when I can.  I met them at the Fort for their tour and got a big hug, so that made my day and the trip more than worthwhile.  I hadn't been inside the Fort, since my grade school years in St. Augustine and was looking forward to see the inside.  Since I was not an official part of the School Tour, I went to the Ranger Booth at the entrance to the Fort to pay my fee.  The fee is normally $6 for adults and children under age 15 or maybe 13 get in free.  For us old folks you can purchase a "Golden Age Passport" and get into a lot of Federal Parks free.  I had purchased one 4 or 5 years ago, so I avoided the entrance fee.  Things were looking better all the time.
The "moat" around the Fort is filled in with dirt, since that was the way it was back when the Fort was built.  I always thought there was water in the moat, since I recall catching a small shark in the Bay and then placing it in the moat (oh what those juvenile delinquents do).  I learned something new, that the moat was filled with dirt, so that during an attack on the city, the residents could bring their animals into that area.  If it was a long siege, they would use them for food.  The Tour guide told a lot of information about the Fort and there was a shooting demonstration of an old "muzzle loader" by one of the Fort's "Reenactors", I think that is how you spell it.  The kids enjoyed that part, going in the dungeon, and looking over the Fort walls.
After leaving the Fort the kids went to lunch at the St. George Eatery on St. George St.  There were a bunch of elementary schools from around the state that were enjoying St. Augustine and some were eating at the outdoor restaurant.  I had a cup of coffee with my granddaughter, because I was off to have lunch with the weekly KHS Luncheon Group, as I call it, at the Sea Food Kitchen on the Island.  Those in attendance were mostly from the Class of 1954.  These were Jimmy Knight, Kenny Prine, Frank Henley, Donnie Ford, & Donald Power.  Buzzy Nauright, KHS 1952, Robert Taylor, Gainesville HS 1955 and we include him in our Class of 1956 since he went to KHS, Johnny Taylor, SJA 1956 & KHS 1956 and me, KHS 1956.  We talked over a lot of old tales and some asked about the KHS Mullet Breakfast.  For all of you out there, the KHS Mullet Breakfast is open to everyone, it is held on the 2nd Monday of the month, except for December , which has a Christmas Luncheon.  It is held at the Conch House on the Island and it begins at 8:30 am.  Hope to see you there, since I drive up from Mims, FL to attend nearly everyone of them.  If you plan on being there, drop me a line and I will especially be there.
After leaving the Luncheon, I went back to St. George St. to spend some more time with my granddaughter.  They had gone to the Lighthouse for a tour, while I was at the Sea Food Kitchen.  While sitting and waiting for them to return, a black guy sat down beside me and we started talking about how St. Augustine has grown and he was from Baltimore.  After a few minutes and I knew it was coming, he said "he was hungry and could I spare some money to help feed him".  I said sure and gave him only a couple of dollars.  He asked if I could spare about $5, since food was expensive and how far it was to walk to McDonalds. I said no and after a few minutes he left, looking for some other "sucker".  For all of you out there, I don't want to hear that you are hungry and could I spare you $5+/- for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I didn't include Brunch, but I should have,  since I know some of the guys that I usually eat with. 
Finally found my granddaughter and her mother and bought them some ice cream at one of the stores at the entrance to St. George St.. We walked down the St. George St. and it brought back memories of bygone years.  Some of these were the Bennett Hotel on the corner of St. George St., Richard Parks, KHS 1929, Parks Hotel, Elbert (Buddy) McRea's, KHS 1956, leather shop, the fire station with those guys knitting the fish nets, and me (juvenile delinquent) racing down that narrow street with those loud pipes on my parent's 1953 Olds 88.  Guess who I found at the south end of St. George St.,  the black guy looking for another "sucker".  Following the kids spare time break, they got on a trolley train and left for a tour of the city.  I said goodbye and headed to San Lorenzo Cemetery to take a few hundred shots before I was to attend the Memorial Service for Peggy Pamies Mitchell.  At the Cemetery, I always get a little tired, when I bend over to clear a number of gravesites for pictures, and I didn't want to sweat too much, since I had to change clothes for the Funeral.  I left the Cemetery and went to Home Depot to buy a few things that I needed at home and ran into my cousin, Jim Craig, SAHS 1962.  He is a Marine Vietnam Veteran and also the son of Caroline Brown Craig, KHS 1940 and William (Bill) Craig, KHS 1942.  We talked for awhile and it was getting late and I still had to change to a suit in the front of my truck, and that is always a fun thing to do.  I found a place that I wouldn't shock anyone and I changed clothes.  Made it to the Service at 6:15 pm and I should have been there at 5:45 to find a place to sit.  It was packed when I got there and I attended the Service in the hallway of Craig's Funeral Home.
There was Peggy's Service going on and also for family visiting hours for the family of James McCallum Jr., SAHS 1960.  As usual, I don't pay attention to anything until I got back home and realized that he was a freshman in my KHS 1956 Kettle.  Looking back at my 1954 Kettle, I found that Erma Jean McCallum, his sister was in my sophomore class.  I would have like to gone in and visited with the family for a few minutes.  To make matters worse, I didn't realized that James worked as a fire chief at Kennedy Space Center, during the Apollo and Shuttle Eras,  while I was there working with NASA.  Over the years, I must have met him many times, but never realized he went to KHS and graduated from SAHS.  He lived in Titusville, but wanted to be buried in St. Augustine.
Got to see a number of KHS folks at the Services: Bill Young 1954 and wife Carol; Fred Brinkhoff 1954; Ray Battell 1954, always like to see Ray, he & I graduated from National Guard OCS in the same class; saw David Chambers 1954, but didn't get a chance to talk with him; got a hug from Ramelle Dodds Petroglou 1952; Ken Forrester 1959 ( Alice Campbell 1955 and my wife says Ken's wife is a cousin of hers); got hugs from Julie Thordarson McGuire 1958 (Julie said she has quit writing a column for the Record. I use to see her name there in the Record); Carol Mickler 1959, & Judy "Penny" Hetch Payne 1959. Also there were Doug Mickler 1959; Harold 1957 & Ila Valentine; Bill Mignon 1955; Donnie SAHS 1960 & Kathy Lovett Hohne; Dwight Smith 1959 flew in from Austin, TX to attend the Services (It was great to see him, since I hadn't seen him since around 1959. He is a younger brother of Charles Smith 1955, who died in 2004).  Spent a few minutes talking with Charles Herndon 1959 and brother of Jimmy Herndon 1955.  Also said a few word with Marie Nader 1933; her sister, Yvonne Nader Pearrow, SJA 1939; Raymond Connor, SJA 1957 and fellow National Guard OCS graduate.  Raymond invited me to attend the St. Johns County Sports Association Meeting held on Thursdays of each month at 12 pm at the Chinese Buffet (old Quincy's).  It has been a pretty good while since I had attended. Of course, I got to see Peggy's sister, Genie Pamies Woods and Richard Woods SJA 1955.  Genie is a Classmate of mine and it was good to see her. In addition to Peggy's death, Genie has undergone a lot of painful medical treatments the last few years and still has some problems with her condition (facial muscles). Genie was always an outgoing person and she is one of my favorites.  Please keep her in your prayers. 
Speaking of health issues, please keep Susan McDonald Corbett, KHS 1957, in your prayers.  Susan recently had an operation for lung cancer and then pneumonia developed.  She is recovering slowly and is currently in Flagler Hospital. Another Classmate of mine, Catherine (Puddin) Yeates Vaughn is recovering from a heart operation (stint? placement) and then a pulmonary embolism as a result of a blood clot.  She currently is home and on blood thinners to reduce the clotting.  I understand it will take a minimum of 6 months to get rid of the clot.  Please keep all of them in your prayers.
I know that I have forgotten to include more people, but sometimes it helps to have others tell me who people are.  I have been gone too long (41 years) from St. Augustine to recognize everyone and I forget easily.  I left about 7:30 pm, picked up a bite to eat and headed to Mims.  The traffic was terrible and just south of Daytona, they were working on the interstate and the traffic was backed up for 10 miles.  On this particular night, I didn't mind too much, since I got to see the launch trail of the last Titan IV from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  It lit up the sky and you could follow it for miles, seeing the 2 solid rockets drop off and the Centaur center stage continue onward.  That Rocket always impressed me with its power.
Got home a little after 9 pm and was thankful that I had such a great day.
Thought you would like to know.  I didn't know Peggy very well, but knew her sisters, Marie and Genie.  I don't remember meeting her youngest sister Pixie.  Peggy and her Pamies Family lived just across the street from Ketterlinus High School, back when I was going to Orange Street 7th & 8th Grades.  I can recall going to their home.  I recall that Marie had her mother's looks.  Marie died in a car wreck on the Island, when she was a freshman at KHS.  I can still recall to this day, what a very sad occasion that was.  Marie would have graduated in the Class of 1955.  Genie and I graduated in the Class of 1956.  I never met Peggy's husband Jim, but seem to recall that Peggy was at one time married to Bill or Charlie Young.
I received a number of e-mails on Peggy's death.  Everyone one spoke highly of her.  Peggy was in Flagler Hospital for about a week before her demise.  The problem at that time was hemorrhaging ulcers.  I don't know the cause of her death.
It is sort of ironic that only a couple of weeks ago, I received a request from Jackie Johnson, KHS 1957, to place Peggy's e-mail address in my mailing list.  She had made the request. I had done that and sent her a notice of the death of Vivian Collins Little, KHS 1944.  I doubt she every had enough time to read it.  Jackie said he had visited Peggy & Jim at the Hospital on Sunday, prior to her death.
Sterling Hart, KHS 1958, and a classmate of Peggy's sent me her high school picture and the Class Last Will and Testament.  These I have included.  I appreciate that very much, since I don't have a copy of the 1957, 58, or 59 Kettles.
Some others in the Class of 1958 are: Andrea Abernethy, Judy Barnes, Becky Boulineau, Shirley Butler Pamies (deceased 1990), William Dubose (deceased 2000), Judy Lawton, Pete Pierce III (deceased 2001), Tommy Peterson, Virginia Eatman, Judy Wehking, William Thomas Jr. (deceased 1972 Vietnam - he was an Air Force Pilot), Patty Jo Wharff (deceased 1996), Jimmy Williams (deceased 2000), Thelma Jordan, Tommy Dillin, Barbara Driggers, Frank Hearn, Judy Henley,  Mike Kerr, Dean McBride Jr. (deceased 1997), Lydel Hugh Gutzman (deceased 2005), Noel Helmly, Marilyn Grace, Gene Smith, Joe Taylor, Terrence Pappy, Charles Ponce, Richard MacMullen, Zan & Zoe Morris, Donnie Robinson, Judy Marvin, James Radford, Buddy Watkins, Julie Thordarson, Darla Jo Flautt, Aubrey Wages, Johnny Mathis, Denis Murphy, James Preslar, Shirley Usina, Rebecca Napier, Steve Greene, Mary Ann Hollingsworth, Sandra Braddock, Margie Jaffe, Denis Hart & Robert Young.
From the 1958 Kettle:
Picture: "It's love that makes the world go round". Beta Tri-Hi-Y 2,3 &4; Pep Club 1; FHA 1; Homecoming Attendant 1.
Last Will and Testament: I leave my ability to have a college sweetheart Anne Bradbury.
Obituary from Record:
Margaret "Peggy" Mitchell, 64, of St. Augustine, died April 26, 2005, at Flagler Hospital. She was a native and lifelong resident of St Augustine. She was the daughter of the late Durbec and Regis Pamies and the sister of the late Marie Pamies. Memorial services will be held 6:30 p.m. Friday at Craig Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. David Cubbedge, officiating. Flowers are gratefully declined. Those wishing may make a contribution in her memory may do so to the American Cancer Society, 2850 Isabella Blvd. #20, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250. She is survived by her husband, James Mitchell, II; children, William (Kathy) Young, David (Lori) Young, Jill (Jerry) Hay, Melanie Markham, James (Trip) Mitchell III and Jennifer Mitchell; sisters, Genie (Richard) Woods and Pixie (David) Cubbedge; grandchildren, Georgia Young, Zachary and Cameron Young, Trevor and Regis Hay and Hunter Markham; numerous nieces and nephews. Craig Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.

I was back in St. Augustine on Monday, April 11, 2005 to attend the KHS Mullet Breakfast.  Always enjoy going up and visiting with everyone.  Got to the Conch House a little early and sat in one of the "Palm Tree" table site.  From there I could see Vilano Beach, the Inlet and all those boats parked at the different docks on that side of the Island.  I could remember when there wasn't much there (near the Conch House) and there was maybe a little beach.  I guess I remember the area as Salt Run?  I have been gone from St. Augustine too long to remember too much and most of that is changing. 
Those in attendance for the Breakfast were Joe Williams 1938, Talmadge Skinner 1946, Gary Skinner 1952, George Morgan 1944, Dick  1942 and Anita Francis, Donald 1937 and Ethyl Buck, Russ 1935 and Virginia Cummings, Owen McAloon 1932, Bill and Grace Cothron 1940, Herbie Wiles 1946, Elton Hayes 1944, Pierce Anderson 1943, Jerry Kass and myself 1956.  Dick and Anita live in Winter Haven, FL, near their daughter.  I think it was last year when they moved from BayView Dr. in St. Augustine.  I asked about Vernon Francis, KHS 1945, his brother.  Vernon lives in Sebastian, FL and has Alzheimer's.
Mr. Jerry Kass will be honored for his Community Service at the Elks Club on Friday, April 15, 2005 at a fund raiser sponsored by the Pilot Club.  His wife is Loritta "Rita" Snyder Kass KHS 1933 and his brother is Norman Kass KHS 1940.  Norman died in Houston, TX in 1997.
Gary Skinner had some pictures of his and Carolyn's new granddaughter.  She is one or two years old (I can't remember) and their children adopted her from China.  She is a cute and happy little girl.  They live in, I think, Johnson City, TN.  I can remember my name most of the time so don't laugh.  At my table, we discussed the Gators, since all of us went too or graduated from U of FL.  Those at my table were Gary, Talmadge, Joe Williams, Jerry Kass and George Morgan.  Talmadge is a big Gator fan and has his truck painted Orange and Blue.  I mentioned that I had received from the Gator Boosters an offer of 4 tickets to 4 home games for the coming year.  The cost was only $28 per ticket and because I had an "F" Club membership, I could get into the Women's Basketball and Volleyball, Baseball and Track games free.  I have only attended one game in Gainesville in the last 30 years and that was the Kentucky Game last year.  Boy has that place changed since 1956-61.  Being free, means that I only have to drive 300 miles roundtrip to attend one of those functions.  We all laughed at that, but the offer for the games seemed to interest my son, who wears all those gator outfits and is a big gator fan.
After leaving the Breakfast, I dropped by my cousin's, to setup her new computer so that she could get on the internet and look at all those cooking recopies.  That took about 3 hours and then I was off to Jacksonville to the Riverside Cemetery to look up a few people.  I found those people that I were looking for and one lady that I hadn't seen since I left the Jacksonville Naval Air Station to go to work for NASA at Kennedy Space Center in 1964.  I found the gravesites of Beverly Bain Deitrich KHS 1953 and her husband John.  John had e-mailed me telling me where Beverly was buried prior to his death in 2004.  Beverly died in 2003 from cancer.  I looked around some more and found the gravesite of Eugene Capps KHS 1936 and wife, Jean Cotton Capps. Joe Williams had mentioned that "Gene" was an outstanding football and basketball player in high school.  When Gene died in 2001, I noticed his obituary in the Florida Times Union and I signed the "Guest Book".  As I recall, Gene was the Captain of the Football team and I said something about that.  His daughter, who lives in FSU country (Tallahassee) sent me a picture of the football team and also of his 1936 Graduation Class.  I think that I had mentioned before that Douglas Hartley and Helen Douglas Kalv were members of that Class.  Both were teachers and Doug went on to be Principal, Superintendent and had an Elementary School named after him.  Getting back to the 1936 Graduation Class, I keep such good records that back in February, I about had the Historical Society scan their copy of the 1936 Class Photo for $15.  I decided against that and came home and looked in my filing cabinet and rediscovered those photos.  This time I will scan then into my computer database, so they will be on my laptop, the next time I go to the Historical Society.  I think that I have more Class Photos than the Historical Society does. I am probably the only one that ever looks at that stuff.
It was about 4 pm at this time, so I jumped in my truck to return to Mims, FL.  Getting near St. Augustine, I felt the old "ting" to go to another cemetery and so I got off I-95 and went to San Lorenzo.  I am always excited to find a name on my Class Rolls and this time I found a few.  If I am not mistaken, I noticed the name of the old Moultrie road on the west side of San Lorenzo is name Kenton Morrison Dr./St/Boul. or one of those.  I only bring that up, because I notice one of the gravestone that I took a digital photo of was of Kenton and Erma Andrew Morrison.  Erma graduated from St. Augustine High School in 1920 and they are the parents of Irvin SJA 1953, Andrew SJA 19?? older, and a daughter, Triay, SJA.  I stop in and see Irvin Morrison at his Morrison Hardware Store on West King St.  He has been owning that for years.  Allison Andrew KHS 1954 and also, his cousin, works at the store.  Always a good visit there.  I think I told you, that Irvin let me copy his mother 1920 Class Photo.  I now have the 1917 Class Photo, thanks to Walter Foy KHS 1945 and the 1920 Photo thanks to Irvin.  Walt's Mom, Annie Padgett Foy and Dad, Walter Foy Sr, were in the 1917 Class.
I wandered down the rows in Sec 5, taking digital photos.  Found Herman King KHS 1954, Andy King SAHS 1964.  I knew those guys from my early days in North City.  Also found Charles Burnett Thomas KHS 1947.  Molly Anne Rathel May 1954 had mentioned to me last week, that Burnett was in that area.  I had been wondering where he was and she tracked his site down for me.  Also found June Pomar Brown, KHS 1942.  I am curious now, since I have a W.F. Brown in the Class of 1940 and am wondering if June's husband, Wayne J. Brown is one and the same.  Doesn't anyone know?
Also found the gravesite of Walter Irvine Drysdale, SAHS 1924 and husband of Evelyn Carter Drysdale, KHS 1930 whom died on April 11, 2005 at the age of 94. I will send some information on Mrs. Drysdale tomorrow.  Her brother, Larry Carter from Elpaso, TX attended school in St. Augustine and was at one of Mullet Breakfast's last year.  I met him there.  I have a photo of the 1930 Class, courtesy of Mark Manucy KHS 1957.
It was a little after 6 pm and I had to get out of the cemetery, because I could see that the young man in charge of the cemetery was ready to go home.  He was nice and didn't throw me to get out.
I hope that I haven't bored you too much with all this.  I wander around a little too much most of the time.
Forgot to mention that last week or maybe the week before, I talked with Sherwood Van Campen, KHS 1952.  Sherwood lives in NC and I decided to call him.  Talked for about 35 minutes.  Learned that he is still working, after retiring from Sears, Duke University and is now consulting.  I was curious why he is working so long, I think they have 4 grown children and 2 very young children.  I did find out that his 2 sisters, both KHS 1945, Betty Van Campen Caldwell and Mary Van Campen Rosborough are still alive and well.  Betty lives in Fairfax, VA and Mary in Jacksonville, FL.  While talking with his wife, Gay, I found that John Daniels. KHS 1952 had heart surgery on March 11, 2005, and is recovering well.  I talked to John, when I found out about the surgery and he said it was done in St. Augustine and he is getting along fine.  I never would have expected John to have heart problems.  He is tall, good build, and exercises.  Guys like me that are short, overweight and no exercise, should be the ones with problems.  This is a Federal Point Website owned by John "Bob" Brown, KHS 1950? He has posted some of my stuff there.  Bob lives in CA, but use to live in the Federal Point Area.  It is a good site, you might enjoy it. He mentioned that his cancer is in remission, so thanks for all the prayers.

Sorry, I haven't written very much lately, but the good thing is no KHS person has died that I know of. 
I had the Flu last month, (no I didn't get a Flu shot), so I missed the February Breakfast.  I was glad to get up there this past Monday.  Arrived in town about 7:15 am and wandered around until the Breakfast began at 8:30 am.  Had a good time seeing everyone.  Those that I can remember that were in attendance were, Roy Barnes (1942), Pierce Evans (1943), Talmadge Skinner (1946), Herbie Wiles (1947), Bobby Herndon (1939), Jessie Arant Scoville and Fred Scoville (both 1943), Joe Williams (1938), Marjorie Varn Leonard (1947). Helen Varn Holton (1945), Caroline Brown Craig (1940), Bill and Mary Alice Russell Smith (1943 & 1945), Elton & Mary Louise Hayes (1944 & St. Joe), Marie Nader (1933) and sister, Yvonne Nader ? (St. Joe 1939)(She told me her married name awhile back, but I forgot to write it down), Owen McAloon (1932), Jimmy Dodd (1945), Dorothy Dunham Olson (1943), Ronald Bowe (1942 and wife Genny), and Marian Watson Rogero (1941).  I think there were a few more (my mind, what is left of it registers a blank when I am writing this e-mail), but I got too interested in talking with Talmadge, Bobby, Jimmy, and Herbie about the "good old days in St. Augustine" and how lucky were to have survived all that fun.  I had talked with Jimmy Dodd at the January Mullet Breakfast.  That was the first time I had seen Jimmy since my National Guard days back in 1967.  He is the last survivor of those Warrant Officers (James "Frank" Young (1946), Burnett Thomas (1945), Julian Richbourg, ? Bellamy, and Bill Snipes) that were in the Guard, the same time I was. They were all a great bunch of guys and I enjoyed being around them.
Elton told me that he, about "bought the farm" in January, when he was having a pacemaker put it.  Something about the pacemaker wires punchering the heart when they shouldn't have. He had emergency surgery.  Marie Nader was telling me that her sister, Annie Nader Pfaff (1935), had a stint or whatever the name is for opening a blocked artery around her heart.  I understand that she is doing ok.  I always enjoy seeing the three sisters and everyone else and hearing about the old times. 
Got a note from Marian Watson Rogero's daughter, thanking me for some help that I had given her in finding information on the Bradfisch Family that use to live in the Moultrie area.  Marie Bradfisch (1924)(I sent a picture of Marie to Marian's daughter) is buried in the Moultrie Church Cemetery. Alice and I had attended the 1946 55th Reunion and I obtained a mailing list for  those attending.  A member's, Janice Coombs, mother was a Bradfisch.  I called Janice, she lives in Tallahassee, FL and we had a good conversation.  She gave me a lot of information for Marian's daughter.  No, I didn't know Janice before, but that didn't make any difference to me.  Shoot, I get to meet a lot of people that way.
Roy Barnes was kind enough to give me his St. Augustine Record Newspaper clipping of his graduation exercise and it included the names of he graduates for 1942.  I found that I was missing a few that were not listed in my Class Rolls.  That is an additional reason that make my trips worthwhile in going to St. Augustine.  I had gotten a number of my entries into the Class Rolls from Booklets that some Classes had made for reunions and they include some people that attended KHS, but didn't graduate with the Class.  They probably moved some place else for graduation.
After leaving the Breakfast, I went by San Lorenzo Cemetery and took a couple of hundred pictures of grave stones.  I know you think I am a "kook", but I did find some of the KHS & old SAHS people buried there.  I haven't finished putting the names with the grave stones in my computer, but did find a few that I knew were KHS/SAHS people.  These were Joe Copps (1917) and Paul Basil Triay (1943).  Joe in his early days was a Sports Editor in Miami, FL.  Also found the correct spelling for Nanette Andreu (1946).  I had previous found her last name as Andrew in some information.  No, no, she is still alive.  She is just getting prepared for her final resting place next to her Mom & Dad.  I don't know where she lives and I didn't see her at their 55th Reunion back in 2001.
After getting tired from bending over and digging out around some grave stones so that I could get the dates, I decided to go to the new Library on South US 1 and continue my search.  I had my Laptop with me so I went through Roy Barnes Record and entered the names of his graduation class in my files.  Finishing this, I did a quick (3 hours) run through of the Florida Military Books, located in the Genealogy Section of the Library.  I was looking for KHS and old SAHS people that had died  in service or had been in the service.  I need to spend another day or so there on my research to find as many people as possible.  I did find a number of people from old SAHS that were in WWI.  Roy Barnes father, Otis Barnes, was a Captain in the Field Artillery.  I recognized officer names of Forrest Davies (1912), Edgar Grossman (1913), Gabriel Lee (1915) and Dr. Edgar Estes (1924 Faculty).  Also found some enlisted men, Walter Foy and Stanley Colee (both 1917).  There were more, but I was getting tired and decided to leave.  I had picked a bad location for my work at the Library.  It was right under the outlet for the AC and I was getting cold.
That was about all I did in St. Augustine, except having supper (dinner for the all you modern thinking people) with my brother.  He paid the bill, what more could you ask for.  I got home about 7 pm.
That's about it, but I need to write about some Christmas Parties and Coach Walt Slater's (my KHS Football Coach) 85th birthday party.  Been spending an enormous amount of time looking at Evergreen Cemetery and the Sons of Israel Cemetery Records and photos that I have taken of the grave stones.  Been matching them with my Class Rolls.  That is one of the reasons that I haven't written too much stuff lately.  I know, enough with the excuses and get on with the business at hand.


Thought you would like to know. I never met Mrs. Wainwright, but got to meet her daughter a few years ago. Her daughter, Martha Mickler is(?) the Deputy School Superintendent for St. Johns County. From the 1939 Scribble Picture: "She does as she would have others do unto her." Basketball 1936-1939, Spainish Club. 

Some members of the 1939 Graduating Class: Fred Willis Jr. (deceased 1993 & husband of Mary Tarver Willis 1947); Dr. Geoge Hopkins (sat with him & Coach Walt Slater at the KHS Mullet Club Christmas Luncheon); Dr. George Sessoms (Lynchburg, VA); Robert Herndon (St. Augustine, FL); Gloria Lyle Bernal (Maryville, TN); Jack Leonard (deceased 2003); Capt. Jere Palmes (Killed in Action 4/25/1924 WWII Germany): Lt. Billy Roche (Killed in Action 12/14/1942 WWII); Raymond DeWitt Hill, Jr. (deceased 1993- also was told he was a Prisoner of War during WWII); Vada Hartley Kovolski ( decease 2004); Bill Fant (deceased 1990); Fred Akras (deceased 2003); Margaret Arant Mercer (St. Augustine, FL); Bruce McElory (decease 1970); George Tedder (deceased 1987); Leonard Weinstein (decease 2001-Participated in D-Day Invasion WWII) & Dr. Render Spencer (deceased 1991 - 1st Lt. US Army WWII) &  Dr. Eugene Usdin (New Orleans, LA). Picture of Lois is from the 1939 Scribble.


 Hattie Lois Wainright, 86, of St. Augustine, died Jan. 29, 2005 at home surrounded by her children and grandchildren. She always shared her kindness and love with everyone. Mrs. Wainright was born on April 15, 1918 in Colleton County, S.C. and moved to St. Augustine in 1930. She graduated from Ketterlinus High School in 1939. Mrs. Wainright's late husband, Ion, owned and operated Ginty Plumbing and Heating for many years.

She was a member of the First United Methodist Church for 74 years, and served on the St. Johns County Welfare Federation Board for many years as well.

The family will receive friends from 5:00pm- 8:00pm on Tuesday at Craig Funeral Home. Dr. Patrick Turner-Sharpton, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, will officiate the service at 2 p.m. on Wednesday in the chapel of Craig Funeral Home. Burial will follow at Evergreen Cemetery.

She is survived by her daughters and son-in-laws:

Martha Mickler (Ron) and Linda Weigle (Jim), St. Augustine; brother, Donald Nettles, Smokes, S.C.; five grandchildren: David Mickler, Redondo Beach, Calif., Jennifer Weigle, St. Augustine, Elizabeth Mickler Struhar and husband Rick, Homestead, Fla., Kimberly Weigle Price and husband Banks, St. Augustine, Hattie Weigle, St. Augustine; and several nieces and nephews.

Craig Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.

Got a note on this, a couple of weeks ago.  Thought you might like to read the Newspaper Article that includes Karl Swindull's,KHS 1954 Class President, ((CJ) - Son of Margaret Hohne Swindull KHS 1928 and Vernon Swindull) and Willis Capo's (was in the 1954 Class) (Son of Willis Capo, KHS 1929, and Loy Lee Capo) Act of Heroism.  For some reason, I didn't remember this, even though Julian Fant, KHS 1950, menitoned to me about this drowning & rescue, a few years ago).  I was at the U of FL at the time. I do remember that I attended the U of FL.  My wife, Alice, remembers the rescue. I have included all the newspaper article on The Carnegie Medals.
Article from the Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader, Jacksonville Beach, FL on awarding of The Carnegie Medal for Selfess Acts of Heroism.
January 12, 2005 -


It's been more than 60 years since James "Buddy" Mabry helped rescue two sisters from drowning in a treacherous rip current in the waters off Neptune Beach.

The Carnegie Medal, a reminder of that selfless act of heroism, rests in a wooden box on a desk in Mabry's Sawgrass home.

Mabry, 78, was the first of four Beaches residents since 1943 to receive the palm-size bronze medal, established by Pittsburgh steel magnate Andrew Carnegie in 1904.

According to the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission, Carnegie Medal winners are civilians who knowingly risk their lives in an attempt to save the life of another.

Other Carnegie Medal recipients from the Beaches include mailman E. Vann Kirkpatrick in 1963, store manager Danny Vail in 1985 and, just last month, cab driver Richard Patey.

Mabry and Kirkpatrick each received the award for saving drowning victims.

Vail and Patey entered burning buildings to rescue lone occupants.

Vail's medal was awarded posthumously. The 34-year-old Atlantic Beach resident died trying to rescue his mother from her burning house.

"The medal is not given for saving lives, but for risking one's life to an extraordinary degree," Carnegie Hero Fund spokesman Walter Rutkowski said last week in a phone interview.

"We get 800 to 1,000 nominations in a given year. Approximately 20 percent of the awards are made posthumously. Burning and drowning are common threads."

'With the grace of God '

Mabry, now 78, was a rising, 17-year-old senior at Fletcher High in the summer of 1943.

A pulling guard on the Senator football team, Mabry and next-door neighbor Joe Glickstein Jr., who also received the Carnegie Medal, were lounging on the beach in front of Glickstein's oceanfront home when a strong current dragged two girls out to sea.

"We were close to the water when two sisters started yelling for help," Mabry recalled Friday in Neptune Beach, near the spot where the July 12, 1943, ocean rescue took place.

"We swam out to them and I grabbed one girl and Joe got the other."

According to a summary of the incident on the Carnegie Hero Fund Web site, the sisters, Dorothy and Marjorie Lawler, 17 and 20, respectively, were dragged 230 feet from shore by a "strong surface current, that crossed an undercurrent."

After being twice pulled under by the frantic victims, Mabry and 16-year-old Glickstein swam the sisters to "wadable water," according to a rescue summary of the incident.

"The tide was running terribly toward Atlantic Beach — a heavy undertow," Mabry recalled Friday as he held a small wooden box containing his Carnegie Medal.

"We were always told to swim with the current, but the average person swims against it. With the grace of God, we got out of it."

Mabry enlisted in the Army in 1944 and spent 22 months in the South Pacific with the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

He was informed that he had won the Carnegie Medal in a letter from his father.

"He said, 'Your medal came in, boy,' " Mabry remembered last week as he stood outside his childhood home on Palm Place in Neptune Beach.

"In those days, they also sent a check for $500. My father wouldn't accept the money. I haven't been back here since Daddy died in 1973."

13 incidents of heroism

Although not a Jacksonville resident in 1943, Glickstein, who later became a Neptune Beach city attorney, is one of nine who received Carnegie Medals for ocean rescues at the Beaches between 1930 and 1966.

Some of the rescues are heart-wrenching stories of valiant attempts gone awry.

Homer A. Tompkins, 17, died Aug. 28, 1930, attempting to save two girls ages 5 and 8 from drowning near Mayport.

Tompkins, who couldn't swim, drowned within 4 feet of the 5-year-old, who was eventually saved, as was the 8-year-old.

Jacksonville housewife Polly S. Gutman, 39, came to the aid of Neptune Beach drowning victims Donna Sides, 4, and Linda Ann Horan, 8, on Aug. 8, 1949.

Both girls were "inert," when Gutman reached them after swimming 135 feet from shore, according to a summary of the incident.

Gutman held the girls afloat in 6 feet of water for eight minutes before additional help arrived. Sides lived. Horan could not be revived.

DeForrest Wade, a 61-year-old mechanical engineer from Jacksonville, saved Samuel Benson, 42, from drowning on Aug. 14, 1966, at Atlantic Beach.

Outweighed by 50 pounds, Wade swam 400 feet from shore and towed Benson clear of a rip current. Wade towed Benson another 300 feet to land, after being submerged twice. Both lived.

In a bizarre rescue off South Ponte Vedra Beach on Oct. 26, 1958, a 28-year-old Jacksonville truck driver died attempting to save an 11-year-old boy from drowning.

The boy, Rudolph J. Crews, lived, but Boatright died despite numerous attempts to save him, including efforts by a Navy helicopter crew.

In all, five men, three from Jacksonville and two from St. Augustine, received Carnegie Medals for their roles in the rescue, which began after several men, including Boatright, attempted to set a large fishing seine in rough surf and were caught in a rip current.

"It was a cold, windy day with a west wind," Carnegie Medal recipient Karl Swindull, 68, of St. Augustine recalled in a phone interview last week.

"I was the last one into the water."

Swindull, then 22, and William (I think this is Willis) Capo, then 23, both National Guardsmen, arrived at the scene and swam 650 feet toward an inert Boatright and a semiconscious Crews.

Capo managed to float Crews to shore, but Swindull, who had once been a St. Johns County lifeguard, had trouble towing the limp Boatright through the rip current.

Swindull said he swam for more than 90 minutes before a Navy helicopter eventually lowered a cable sling and dragged him and Boatright to shore.

Boatright could not be revived.

Local Carnegie heroes

Jacksonville Beach postal worker E. Vann Kirkpatrick was already a legend in local lifesaving circles when he won the Carnegie Medal in 1963 for saving three teenagers from drowning off Jacksonville Beach.

A longtime participant of the 3.5-mile Meninak Ocean Marathon and often referred to as "the old man of the sea" among his brethren at the American Red Cross Life Saving Corps, Kirkpatrick, 49, was delivering mail on the boardwalk when he made his now-famous rescue.

Undressing to his underwear, Kirkpatrick swam 250 feet through 3-feet-high breakers to reach 15-year-old Judith Hines.

He eventually collected brothers Michael and Jeffrey Jones, ages 15 and 13, and towed all three victims diagonally through the surf for 300 feet before reaching shore.

Danny Vail had resided in Atlantic Beach only 18 months when he died attempting to save his 68-year-old mother from her burning house.

Vail, 34, was visiting his parents for Christmas on Dec. 21, 1985, when fire broke out in their Booneville, Miss., home.

Vail escaped the blaze but reentered the burning home through a window to rescue his mother, who was trapped in a first-floor bedroom.

Vail and his mother never emerged from the home, both dying of smoke inhalation.

Vail left a wife and a 6-year-old daughter.

Patey of Jacksonville Beach is the latest Carnegie Medal winner from the Beaches.

The 40-year-old Navy veteran rescued 82-year-old Mayport resident Ana Hernandez from her burning home on Oct. 21, 2003.

Patey was one of 104 Carnegie Medal recipients in 2004, and one of more than 8,000 since the medal's inception, inspired by a 1904 coal mine disaster in Harwick, Pa.

According to Carnegie Hero Fund spokesman Rutkowski, a full-time staff meets five times a year to scrutinize Carnegie Medal nominations.

The commission will release its next class of medal winners in early March, Rutkowski added.

"With this medal, they really do investigate you worse than the FBI," said Mabry, a Catholic lay minister since 1972 and a chaplain for the Mayport-based destroyer USS Roosevelt.

"When I think about the old times at the beach, I often think about the medal."

The medal is embossed on one side with a verse from the New Testament that reads, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Swindull said he wishes selfless acts of heroism were not so rare. His 1958 ocean ordeal ended sadly with the death of Boatright, who was awarded the Carnegie Medal posthumously.

"So few people will take a chance to help someone," he said.

"When we finally reached shore that day, there were 200 people on the beach. Any one of them could have jumped in and helped us."

To nominate someone for the Carnegie Medal, call 1-800-447-8900, or visit

I have been "slacking" a little in my KHS reporting, but hope to get back in business again and bother you some more.  No problems, except in my old age, I am getting "sorrier".  Came through all the hurricanes with only minor problems, but had to go buy a generator due to the loss of power and when you live in the "sticks", that is a problem (well, refrigerator/freezer).  I'll go back some other time and catch up on earlier stuff.
Alice and I were in St. Augustine about 6 weeks ago to attend the funeral of Ora Ridge Godwin, mother of Delora, KHS 1950, and Nancy Jo, probably would have been in the Class of 1954. One of the nice things about going to a funeral is that you get to see a lot of people that you haven't seen in awhile and meeting new people.  I hadn't seen Carlton and Frances Farmer O'Neal (1946), since I attended the funeral of Frank Person this past summer.  They both came to the funeral.  Carlton gave me his new e-mail address, but I must have gotten it wrong since the message that I send him "bounce".  I have the correct address now.  Got to meet Audrey Ann Stevens Thorn (1948) and her husband.  They told me they had been living in St. Augustine, since their return in 1961.  Also met Carolyn Roberts Herndon (1949).  Her mom and dad use to live next to us on Sylvan Drive in North City.  Carolyn, I think, was living in West Palm Beach at that time.  She was married to Eugene Herndon (1949).  Gene died of cancer in 1999 and is buried in Evergreen along with Betty's and Carolyn's mom and dad. Betty Roberts Hunter (1947) was there and it is always a pleasure to see and talk with her.  She keeps me up on what is happening around St. Augustine.  Carolyn mentioned that the Class of 1949, may have another reunion and if they do, I hope this old guy can get invited.
Talked with JB. Hunt, KHS 1950 and wife.  She graduated from SJA in the Class of 1951.  JB was telling my wife about how he knew me, when I was a little guy and running around the streets of North city.  Believe me, I only got into trouble a couple of times. Yeah?  JB has been on a diet and has lost about 40 lbs, since I saw them at the 1950 52nd Reunion in 2002.  He looked great.  I think I forgot to mention that Delora Godwin's husband, Francis Mark (1946) is buried in the family plot in Evergreen.  He died in 1984.  Delora lives down our way in Titusville, FL.  Also got to meet Delora and Francis's three daughters.   Following the funeral, we didn't stay around St. Augustine, since Alice is not a "cemetery" person like me.  I did go by and say my respects to Jimmy Koutelas (1955), Phyllis Lanier Ridge (1953), and Norman Masters (1942) before Alice told me to get on the road.
I was back in St. Augustine on Monday, Nov. 1, to attend the funeral of Ruben Owens (1954) in San Lorenzo.  I got there a few minutes (me and my travel planning didn't work) before the funeral and had a tough time finding a parking place.  I had to park in front of the trailer that the San Lorenzo Cemetery Personnel use for an office.  I ran over and signed the book, just before the services started.  Said "hi" to Billy VanKirk (1955) on the way in.  He was a member the group providing the Masonic services and also a friend of Ruben's.  Just as I completed signing the register, Neil Perry (SAHS 1963) signed in and introduce me to David Shoar, the new Sheriff of St. Johns County.  Neil has been the Sheriff of St. Johns County for the past 16 years.  Visited with Ray Battell, Molly Ann Rathel May, Davies Meitin, Walter (Sonny) Short, Donald Power all from KHS 1954, Aubrey May, Paul Perry  and Warnock Tedder from 1956, Betty Owens Colee 1955 and Roger Colee, Beverly Hudnall Tedder, 1957, Robin Hudnall 1958, Frankie Bray, Hastings 1956?, Bernie and Helen Masters 1950, JB Hunt 1950, Pat Coates-King and Ken and Dot Preble Delany, 1955.  Visited with Norman Gooding, 1956 and his wife.  I hadn't seen Norman, since high school.  They live in South Carolina.  Norman, Sonny, Ruben, Aubrey and I all were in the Florida Air National Guard and we use to meet at Headquarters on Marine Street in St. Augustine.  Saw Talmadge Skinner, but didn't get a chance to talk with him.  Davies Meitin came over from Temple Terrace, FL for the funeral.  Betty Owens Colee is the sister of Ruben Owens. Raymond Conner, SJA 1957 was a Pall Bearer for the funeral.  Got to say hi to Judy Thomas Swindull, KHS 1955.  CJ Swindull, 1954 was a Pall Bearer.  I am sure there were many others there, because the funeral home was packed and I stood in the lobby to hear the services.  I remember Vee Wilson 1955 Markel telling me that they attended the services on Sunday Evening, because Bud Markel 1953 and sister, Shelba Markel Powers were flying out to their sister, Betty's, funeral.  I think that was in Colorado.  If I would have written this just after the funeral, I would have remembered a lot more.
I was in St. Augustine on Tuesday, 11/30/04 to put out Christmas flowers on my parents and Alice's parents, uncles & aunts graves.  Also wanted to find the grave site for Frances Walker McCleery, KHS 1929, in Evergreen Cemetery.  She died on Nov. 16, 2004 in St. Augustine.  I completed all those assignments, but didn't get to visit a few people like I had intended.  The reason that I didn't get to visit was because I spent too much time at the St. Augustine Historical Society looking through old Records.  I was searching for the early Classes of St. Augustine High School and I did find those for 1902 and 1904.  I found some in the Class of 1901, which was in "Public School #1", but there had to be more than 2 people in that Class.  I need to ruin my eyes again looking through the micro film to see if I missed something in 1901 & 1905.  I spent 5 hours+ there and boy is that tiring.  Looking at the 1901 Class, it would be interesting to know if Mary Ella Joyce Scott, KHS 1948, and Edward Joyce, KHS 1945, are related to Sallie Ruth Joyce, Public School #1 Class of 1901.
I did find some pictures for the Class of 1923, so I need to scan them and put them in my records.  Also got some copies of the Class of 1911, 1912, 1919 and the faculty of 1911.  I may have had copies made previously, but I wasn't sure so it only cost me $2 for the 4 pictures.   By the way, I did buy me a new laptop so that I could take it with me to St. Augustine.  Unfortunately for me,  I hadn't loaded all my old SAHS/KHS data into the machine.   Wish the Historical Society would let me take my scanner with me so that I would get better pictures, but a copy is better than nothing.  Corrected a few names in my old SAHS database, but that was about it.  It was getting late so I had to get to Evergreen to put out the flowers before they shut the gate .  After that was accomplished, I left for Mims, but stopped at Sam's Club in Daytona and bought me a coffee cup that I could plug into my lighter and keep my coffee hot for my trips.  With all accomplished, I got home about 7:30 pm and Alice wanted to know where I had been, since she thought I was to be home in the early afternoon.  I suggested, next time that she could put out the flowers and I could spend a few more hours at the Historical Society.
Ok, now for some funerals that I started to send earlier but didn't:
Lucy Evelyn Elkins Mancini KHS 1942
Sorry that I don't have a picture of Lucy.  My copy of the 1942 Class Photo is not very good and I can't distinguish the people very well.  If anyone has a Class Photo, along with the names that match the picture, I really would appreciate it.  Please scan it and send it to me.  Lucy is the sister of Carle Elkins, Jr., KHS 1952.  I have included some information on other members of the Class.
Lucy Evelyn Elkins Mancini, 79, of Jacksonville, died Nov. 11, 2004, at Community Hospice of Northeast Florida. Daughter of the late Dr. Carle and Lucy Elkins, she grew up in St. Augustine and enjoyed a lifestyle of outdoor activity. She graduated from the University of North Carolina and received her master's degree in English Literature from New York Columbia University before moving to Jacksonville in 1950. Evelyn was a published author of children's literature and received her second master's degree, in child psychology, from Northwestern Carolina University. She enjoyed a long career as a visiting teacher and guidance counselor with the Duval County School Board.
Evelyn, "Lucy" to her school friends, retired in 1991. In her later years she focused her attention on antiques, literature, her family and close friends. Memorial services will be held 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2004 in the Chapel of Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home, 6940 Atlantic Blvd. Survivors include her stepmother, Alice H. Elkins: Brother, Carle Elkins, Jr., KHS 1952, of St. Augustine: lifetime friend, Patrick L. Ellis: daughters, Adrienne Mancini of Tampa and Peggy Schulte and husband Dave: son, David Mancini and four grandchildren, Carle, Matthew, Lauren and Celia all of Jacksonville. In lieu of flowers, please make contributions to Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, Inc., 4266 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257
Some members of the Class of 1942: Roy Barnes, Roland Bowe, Pierce Evans, Doris Usina Tanner, Audrey Wing Jackson all of St. Augustine. Trudy Beckel Getha - Broken Arrow; OK , Richard Francis - Winter Haven, FL;  Raymond Holton - Winter Springs, FL; Leroy Jackson Brown; Winifred Farrin McCarter; James Goad; Marianne Hunter Thibault; Iva Lee Graham; Lillian Mickler Collins; Anne Clare Mickler Greene; Norman Masters; Hazel Masters McCormack; James Rosser; Jack Steptoe; Robert Toney; Hansel Woods, George Young & John Zeigler.  John Crookshank was Principal and some of the teachers were Ellender Alden; Mabel Altoonjian, Elsie Buford Corbett; William Ferrazi, Mildred Funk; Christian Gillis Bonfield; Susan Spencer & Mary Catherine Nuzum Scarborough.
Frances Walker McCleery KHS 1929
From the 1928 Buccaneer (Thanks to Dick Watson KHS 1951)
Frances W. McCleery, 93, of St Augustine, died November 16, 2004, at Samantha Wilson Care Center at Bay View. She was born in Jacksonville and had resided in Miami, New Smyrna and Orlando before returning to St. Augustine after the death of her husband, Fred McCleery. Her college career at Florida State College for Women (FSU) was cut short by the Depression.
She was the executive secretary of the president of the Orlando International Airport. As a member of Trinity Episcopal Parish, she volunteered in the thrift shop and was always available to help friends and family when needed.
Graveside services will be held 11 a.m. Monday at Evergreen Cemetery, with the Rev. Father David Weidner, Rector Trinity Episcopal Church, officiating. Flowers are gratefully declined. Those wishing may make a contribution in her memory to a favorite charity.
She was the sister of the late Charles E. Walker, KHS 1933.
She is survived by her sister-in-law, Frankie Collyer Walker, KHS 1937, of St. Augustine; niece, Judy (Sid) Rente, of Belgrade, Montana; dear friend, Shelia O'Neill, of St. Augustine.
Frances is buried near her brother, Charles E. Walker in Evergreen.
Some members of her Class were Willis Capo, Paige Carnes, James Crutchfield, Barney Cubbedge, Robert Cummings, James Jervey Gantt, Willard Howatt, Saul & Irvin Kahn, Dorothy Linscott Lawton, Kathryn Post Lord, Leonie Masters, Jack Randolph Nauright, Richard Lee Parks Jr., Adelaide Sanchez, Kathrine Sands Harris, Martha Lee Sequi, Barbara Stimmel Jones and Ida Sybil Weinstein Eisenman.  You might recognize a few of the names as being parents of 1953, 1954, 1955, & 1958 Class members.
Got some other stuff to send, but that will have to wait for a little while.
Dickie Brantley
Note: Can't reproduce photo. Bob Brown

Got a call from Delora telling me that her mother, Ora Godwin, died at the Masonic Home in St. Petersburg, FL on Wednesday, September 29, 2004.  She was 95 years of age.  She was the wife of Delbert Godwin, a member of the Florida National Guard and St. Augustine Resident, that died in a car accident near Titusville, FL in February 1963.  A memorial service is planned at the Masonic Home on October 16, with burial to follow on October 23 at the Evergreen Cemetery in St. Augustine.  She will be buried next to her husband, son, Delbert Godwin Jr. and Son-in-law, Francis Mark, KHS 1946.  Mrs. Godwin had suffered from Alzheimer's for the last 5 years.
Thought you might like to know.
Dickie Brantley
I am sorry, I should have looked at my updated records on people that have graduated from KHS.  I just looked in the earlier Classes, not 1957, because of Mildred's age (it may be incorrect) as shown in the Record and flat just missed her name.  Jean Scott Bain, KHS 1957, sent me an e-mail wondering if she was the Mildred Ponce in their Class of 1957 and I found that she was. From the 1957 Kettle: Picture- "If there's anything I can do, please let me".  Class Will - I Mildred Ponce, will my athletic ability to Pat Wilson. 1957 Class Photo is included.

Mildred Ponce Szczepanik, 68, of St. Augustine, died Aug. 9, 2004, at Flagler Hospital. She was a native and lifelong resident of St. Augustine. She was a homemaker, and of the Baptist faith.
Services: 3 p.m. Friday at Evergreen Cemetery.
Survivors: One daughter, Kellie Szczepanik, and one son, David Szczepanik, both of St. Augustine; one grandchild.
In charge: Craig Funeral Home and Crematory.
Some other deceased members of the Class of 1957 are: Henry (Sandy) Aikin; John Paul Andradzki, Jr.;  Elaine Batten Mattox; Iris Geneva Byrd Reynolds; Fred Wesley Carter Jr.; Elisabeth H. Cobb; Cecil Lamar Collins; Barbara Dean Wallace; Linwood Dutton (didn't graduate); Michael Garmont; Jesse James Griner Jr.; Winfred Haire; Douglas Alan Jenkins; Alice Elizabeth Kaler; Herman Leggett; Sue Alice Lindsey Thomas; Leo B. Masters Jr.; Dean C. McBride Jr.; Rosanne McCullough Wharff; George Stevenson Noles; Barbara Eugenia Parker Manucy; Antoinette Rayburn Leonard; Barbara Tindell Franklin; Annie Louise Waller Neumiller; Patricia Jo Wharff and James Worth.  If you know of any others, please let me know.
editors note. unable to print photos-Bob

I learned of Reuben's passing, when I was in St. Augustine on Friday and I was very disappointed to hear of his death. He was a nice guy and always pleasant to be around. He had a great outgoing personality.  I recall him, Aubrey May 1956, Norman Gooding 1956, and me being in the Florida Air National Guard in 1954 and going to the meetings with Col., later Gen. Riggle(sp).  I last saw him and wife Paula at the KHS 1954 50th Reunion in June.  From the 1954 Kettle: Picture - "He is a leader of men and a follower of women", Industrial Arts Club 2 & 3, Hi-Y 3 & 4, FFA 3, Football 3.  Class Will - "Leaves his memory to brighten the weary hall of ole KHS. Susan Hyde has a world famous horse ranch and riding academy and Allen Pacetti and Reuben Owens are managers of the ranch. Reuben's sister, Betty, is a member of my Class of 1956. I plan on being at his funeral on Monday.  I won't have any problems remembering the day of his death, since it was my birthday.
Reuben Lee Owens, 68, passed away on the M/S Celebration on Oct. 27, 2004. He was a native of Sanford, living in St. Augustine since 1940. He was a retired LT Colonel with the Florida Air National Guard. Reuben, was the Most Illustrious Grand Master of the Royal & Select Masters of Florida, Past District Deputy Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masters of Florida, Past Master of Ashlar Lodge No. 98 F&AM, Past Grand Lodge Instructor, Past High Priest of St. Augustine York Rite Chapter No.17, Past Commander of St. Augustine Commandery No.10, Member of the Morocco Shrine Center, Past President of the St. Augustine Shrine Club, a member of the Elks Lodge No. 829, Sojourners, High Twelve Club Past President, KYCH, Red Cross Constantine, and a past Guardian Ad Litem.
Funeral Services will be held 11 a.m. Monday at the Craig Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Dr. David Beauchamp, officiating. Calling hours will be held 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday. Interment and Masonic Graveside Services will be held in San Lorenzo Cemetery. Flowers are accepted or contributions to Shriners Children's Hospital, c/o Morocco Shrine Center, P.O. Box 16039, Jacksonville, FL 32245 or The St. Augustine York Rite Bodies Charities, 4241 Oak Lane, St. Augustine, FL 32086.
He is survived by his wife, Paula Busam Owens, three sons, Kevin (Wendy) Owens, Robert (Lisa) Owens, William (Lisa) Owens; one sister, Betty (Roger) Colee KHS 1956, all of St. Augustine; two brothers, Hubert (Jackie) Owens, St. Augustine, Terry (Nicki) Owens, Keystone Heights; six grandchildren, Bill, Tabitha, Tiffany, Sara, Samuel and Benjamin; many nieces and nephews.
Other member of the Class of 1954 that have died are:
Russell Richard Allen Jr. - 1987, Mary Ann Bartlam - 1983, Ruth Louise Boyle - 1997, Donald Calhoun - 1985, Louis George (Cookie) Dupont - 1967, Sylvia Elizabeth Genung - deceased, John Goad - 1991, Eunice Theresa Groover - 1985, William Augustus Hart - 1978, Larry Leigh Hendrix - 1974, Herman King - 1987, Miriam Anne O'Connell - 1994, Clyatt (Skipper) Robert Powell Jr. - 1990, Albert William Reimer - 1985, Rebeccka (Hattie) Dean Rewis - 2002, James Reid Seaman - 1997, Lee (Leon) Edward Rowe - 2004, Richard (Dickie) Herbert Webb - 1999, Sandra Annette Wotruba - 1997, Some others in the Class, but didn't graduate at KHS were Virgil Stuart Jr. - 1999,  Diane Harris - 1997, Earl Blalock - 1994, and George Roy Baker Jr. - 1998.

Thought you would like to know.  I don't have Billy's graduation picture from KHS, but have included a picture of him from the 1954 Kettle.  I hadn't seen Billy since high school and was hoping to see him at the Class of 1954 50th Reunion in June of this year, but he couldn't make the reunion.  Billy played basketball and baseball for the KHS Yellow Jackets.  He was a pitcher on the KHS 1954 State Champion Baseball Team.  This was the only team in school history that won a State Championship in any sport.  As I recall and my memory may be failing, but Billy and his family lived in the Woodlawn area of St. Augustine.  I don't recall his brothers, Robert and Randy, but do remember his brother, Walt or Leslie Walter Robshaw, KHS 1950.  Walt was also a good pitcher for the Jackets.  They use to call him "Fireball". Dick Watson told me of Walt's nickname.  Walt died on Oct. 29, 2000 in St. Augustine.  I saw Walt a few times over the years, when I was at the University of Florida and again, when I was working for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, FL.  He had graduated in Journalism from Florida.  I always asked him about Billy.  Walt and wife, Jo Ann, were living in Woodlawn, when he died.   Billy and Walt will be missed.  Maybe when I get on the other side, I will learn how to play baseball from them.  I just notice that Walt died on Oct. 29 and Billy on Oct. 30.
Dickie Brantley
photo cannot be added. Bob
William F. "Bill" Robshaw, 69, of Florence, Ala., died Saturday, Oct. 30, 2004, at U.A.B. Hospital. He was a native of St. Augustine and had lived in Florence for the past 32 years. He was a retired safety director from E.C.M. Hospital after 24 years of service, a member of the Underwood Baptist Church, a United States Army veteran, a board member of Florence Municipal Credit Union, a member of the Tennessee Valley Football Officials Association. He was a graduate of Ketterlinus High School, and an avid Florida Gator and Boston Red Sox fan. Visitation will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2004, at Greenview Funeral Home.
Funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday from Greenview Memorial Chapel with burial to follow in Greenview Memorial Park. Officiating at the service will be the Rev. John Powell.
He was preceded in death by his parents, William and Bessie Robshaw; brothers, L. Walt Robshaw and Robert Robshaw.
He is survived by his son, Kelly Robshaw of Florence; brother, Randy Robshaw and wife, Jeanne, of St. Augustine; sister-in-law, Jo Ann Robshaw, St. Augustine; stepdaughter, Sandy Clanton; stepson, David Collins. Pallbearers will be P.D. Terry, John Phillips, Carl Hanback, Billy Hyde, Henry Michael and Harold Rhodes.
Honorary pallbearers will be the Senior Men's Sunday School Class.
Greenview Funeral Home, Florence, AL, is in charge of the arrangements

Nov 13, 2004

Sorry I am a little late in getting this out.  Jim Petroglou had quadruple bypass heart surgery on Nov. 5.  His operation went well and he was home by Wednesday, Nov. 10.   I had dropped by Ramelle and his home a few times over the last few years and he always looked in good shape, except for some major back problems. He walked a lot to keep in shape. Please keep him in your prayers for a full recovery.  He needs to be in good shape, so I can stop by and bother them some more.  I always enjoy the visits.
Jim's heart bypass surgery was accomplished at Flagler Hospital.
Their address is
James N. Petroglou
29 Coquina Ave.
St. Augustine, FL 32080-4528

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